More Lund Plus a Cool New App

After my review of the Lund stuff from last week, the owner of the company, Rob Lund, got in touch with me about their new “Eventer” line. And OMG. I’m already super excited for their dressage line, but NOW I have to think of a reason I’d need two jump bridles for.

This is for you fancy stitch haters out there:



Ok, quick, help me solidify what I’m going to tell Husband:

  1. Alien abductors will descend on earth, but will only take beings that are riding horses with fancy stitch bridles.
  2. I hardly EVER spend money on horse stuff so this is basically like a one-off thing.


Yeah, yeah. I know. The alien thing is more realistic.


Anyway. On November 15th, Lund will be hosting a kickstarter to back a new product, which is how I ordered my bridle. Basically, you “pledge” money to raise funds for the new item (which is going to be Performance & Professional Series of the Hybrid Tack Trunk/Locker), and then receive a product in exchange, depending on the amount of your pledge. Here’s the kickstarter that I got my bridle through.

Not counting sizes, they will have about 24 different tack items as pledge rewards, plus the first 2 finished versions of the tack trunks themselves.


Included as kickstarter gifts will be the eventing series bridles (snaffle, flash & figure 8), and for those of you who like the 3 point breastplate but aren’t so sure about the navy elastic, Lund is also including their new all-leather 3 point breastplate. A bonus of buying from the kickstarter is that prices tend to be a little lower, plus shipping is included! For example, the kickstarter snaffle bridle price will be $152CDN (vs $190 on the website), or approximately $117 USD. So if you can wait a bit, check it out when it launches November 15th!

Onto another topic- I may be late to the party,  but there’s a fairly new app called TackHunter that I highly suggest you check out for both buying and selling. I’m not a huge fan of selling on FB because keeping track of the ads in different groups can be kind of a pain in the rear. I saw a promo for the app on FB last month, downloaded it and posted a bunch of items and VOILA! I’ve sold about $400 worth of stuff in the last few weeks.


I was oh-so-skeptical the first time I got a sold notification, because I wasn’t totally comfortable with shipping off my stuff without having the $$ firmly in my account beforehand, but I’m happy to report that it’s not a scam!


Creating ads is super simple, just make sure you choose the correct category because they have flat shipping rates for different products, so if you put a saddle pad in the saddles category, it automatically tacks on a $30 shipping charge and NO ONE is going to pay that. Ask me how I know…


You get a notification when someone purchases an item or makes an offer, and then they email you a 2-day priority shipping label that you just print out, tape on the box, and drop at the post office. When the buyer accepts the package or 48 hours after delivery, whichever comes first, the money is available to be transferred to your account, minus a small fee, of course. It takes about a day to transfer.

I haven’t bought anything off of it, because I seriously need to de-clutter, but it makes selling super easy so I highly recommend downloading this if you buy or sell at all.




Review: Lund Saddley Snaffle Bridle, Rubber Grip Reins & 3 Point Breastplate

Back in May I asked for some suggestions for a new jumper bridle. I knew I wanted a monocrown and something without a flash tab, and thanks to some suggestions from trusted sources, I ended up choosing the Lund Monocrown Snaffle Bridle, the Rubber Grip Reins and the 3 Point Breastplate.

I’ve been using it pretty much daily from July-current day, and overall, I’m a big fan. The Sedgwick leather is soft out of the box and has yet to show signs of wear despite daily use; the solid stainless steel hardware is a welcome change from the brass colored hardware of my last bridle; and even the fancy stitching, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, has grown on me because it’s so well done.

One of my favorite things about each of the pieces is the color of the leather. My previous bridle, while it got the job done and lasted 6 years of everyday use, looked mismatched against my saddle, so I wasn’t exactly sad when the leather in the chin strap finally gave out and I was “forced” to look for a new one.

I know. Poor me.

Let’s start one by one, shall we?

Disclaimer: Please ignore P’s glum “woe is me” expression in all the pictures. He’s more of a tack-up-and-go kinda guy, and I was fiddling with each piece then taking a bunch of pictures and he was just over the whole thing at that point. Plus I’d promised him a rest day and not to anthropomorphize him, but pretty sure he’d counted on not seeing me.

Lund Monocrown Snaffle Bridle

I don’t use a flash, but a lot of bridles are interchangeable, and have that annoying tab hanging off the noseband to put the flash through. Not having this tab was a must-have for me, as my dressage bridle does and I despise it. So this was a pro for me.


My favorite part of the bridle is the anatomical monocrown. The padding is super nice and while I was slightly concerned about the width of the monocrown, since P has a fairly petite face, it fits perfectly and looks even better.


I also like the fact that the throatlatch has buckles on both sides. Makes it a bit more adjustable, which is great when your horse’s face is sort of oddly shaped. ::cough, cough, P, cough, cough::


The only issue I had was that the 2nd keeper on the noseband was too small for the strap. I finally pulled out my bottle of leather stretcher that I bought when I got new half chaps, dabbed some on and worked the leather through, then left overnight. Now it fits just fine. Too bad it took me over a month to think of that.WVn5uGI.gif

Lund Rubber Grip Reins

I’ve used Thinline reins since I got them about 3 years ago, and while they’re definitely better than any reins I’ve had before, the grip wasn’t everything I needed it to be. I was noticing that when P was extra sweaty or it was raining, or even if they got wet going through water on XC, that they were pretty slippery without gloves. That may not be a deal breaker for those who do wear gloves, but I personally don’t wear them every day nor do I want to.


These reins are vastly different from the Thinline reins in terms of texture. The TL ones are smooth and the Lund reins have raised bumps.


Grippy they for sure are, though, and they’re also slightly thinner than the TL reins, which was an unexpected plus for me. I have ridiculously small hands for someone who is 5’10”, and Trainer J is forever telling me to 1) Shorten my reins, and 2) Close my hands. The Lund reins make it easier to close my hands and if I let them slip it’s much more noticeable, thanks to the texture. Since I’m still looking for a dressage saddle, I’ll be using these for the foreseeable future, and when a dressage saddle does appear back in my life, I’ll be needing a pair of these in black.


Lund 3 Point Breastplate

My first thought when I pulled this out of the box was, “Hello, gorgeous!” I used to use a plain running martingale with P, and have only ever tried one breastplate on him (can’t remember for sure which brand); it was way too much work for me and didn’t fit him right, so I sent it back.


Notable features of this breastplate are the navy elastic banding, the shaped withers pad, the detachable running martingale, and again, the stitching. That’s a lot of stitching and each one is perfectly in place. It looks incredibly sharp. Even former BO, a very traditional hunter-rider was drooling over it, and she was one tough cookie to impress, especially when it came to what the “lone eventer” wore and used.

How she usually looked at us (discreetly, of course)

There are only two things I’d change about this breastplate:

  1. The navy. It looks great, but I would prefer black since I own pretty much zero navy and it doesn’t go with turquoise (insert eye rolling here, I know). I put on my single navy pad just for these pictures, so you’re welcome.
  2. The only other thing that makes this not the Best Thing Ever is the fact that I have to remove the cross-ties/lead rope (if tied to the trailer) in order to get this over P’s head. My plain old running martingale unbuckled around the neck, which made it easier to tack up while cross-tied or tied to the trailer.

At first I was a little on the fence about the withers pad. It looks fancy, but initially I was finding that it somewhat bothered me while riding, especially if it slipped to one side. But maybe I shouldn’t be looking down while riding? And now I don’t even notice it…maybe because I’m looking where I’m supposed to for once. A pro is that you can’t miss it if you’re grabbing for an “Oh sh** strap.”


My absolute favorite feature is all the snaps. The old running martingale had your typical loop that slips over the girth, and I can’t imagine I would particularly enjoy having a piece of leather pressed tightly against my skin. I would get dirty looks from P if it shifted to one side while tacking up and I’d tug on it to center it. Having the breastplate snap directly to the ring on the girth as well as having the snaps for the d-rings or d-ring savers is pretty fantastic.


Speaking of d-ring savers, confession time: I had no idea what those things were. After asking all the barn kids, then finally consulting the website, I determined WHAT they were, but still had no idea how to attach them. So they rode around in my truck cup holder for awhile until I did some Googling and realized you had to put them on your stirrup bars. Logic, apparently I don’t have it.


Initially I had some trouble fitting this to P because while he measured in the horse size, it really didn’t fit him perfectly right out of the box. I had to punch holes in both the strap that clips to the girth and in the running martingale to shorten them, but the tugs (the straps that attach to the d-ring savers) are on the 2nd to last hole, thanks to his massive shoulders. I was also concerned that the circular pad where the running martingale attaches was sitting too high on him and irritating him. When I measured him, he fit the horse size, but maybe cob would have worked also. Because I was always in a hurry to get in and out of the barn, I didn’t use this for maybe the first month. Then I  finally emailed the owner for help, who put me in touch with a staff member. After sending her pictures of P both standing still and in motion, she gave me a few adjustments to make. It’s not perfect when he’s standing still- the center disc is slightly higher than what it ideally would be, but when he’s in motion, it falls just right, thanks to the elastic.

I’ve used it every non-dressage ride for the last 10 weeks and it now has a permanent place in my tack lineup as well.

Final Thoughts

I’m not the most avid tack cleaner, since I’m usually hurrying to leave the barn after I ride to go get kids or get to the gym, but every time I’ve let dirt and sweat accumulate for a couple weeks then get around to it, it cleans up nicely and looks brand new. So points given for that. I like tack that doesn’t hold my lack of excess time against me.

The price is pretty low for how high quality this tack is. The snaffle bridle is $150, the reins are $72 and the breastplate is $130. Plus, if you get it and don’t like it, they offer free return shipping with a full refund. But I can pretty much promise you’ll love it.

They make it super easy to find the right size (unless you’re P…sort of like me and jeans) with their fitting guides on each product page.

Ok, Lund….please bring on the dressage tack I’ve been drooling over!




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It’s Helmet Time!

All the helmets arrived last week, and after them sitting on my dining room table, I finally got around to trying them on.



My needs were simple:

  • Removable/washable liner
  • Ventilation
  • Fit my Cambox
  • Not make me look like a complete idiot.

That last one was probably the toughest criterion. I have a long, oval face and my head is a bit on the small side, so hats/helmets tend to make me look very mushroomy.


And I’m not nearly as cute as Toad


I ordered the following from SmartPak during their International Helmet Awareness sale:

  • OneK Regular; Reg: $206.95/Sale: $165.56
  • OneK Long Oval; Reg: $206.95/Sale: $165.56
  • 2 Miss Shields in 2 different sizes; Reg: $499/Sale: $449.10
  • Samshield Shadow Matte; Reg: $439/Sale: $395.10
  • 2 Charles Owen Pro IIs in 2 different sizes; Reg: $219.95/Sale: $175.96

First I tried on the CO XC helmets but couldn’t even get them on my head. My CO AYR8 is a size 7, but the tape measure determined that was a lie (which turned out to be a lie. Keep up). So I ordered the 6 5/8 and 6 3/4 and both were too small. Oh well. I had just ordered those on a whim as a possible XC helmet, but neither met the ventilation/removable liner criteria anyway.

Charles Owen Pro II:


Then I went to the Miss Shield.

I wanted to like this one because it’s supposed to have excellent ventilation, plus the built-in sun visor is cool. Unfortunately, my face shape is NOT conducive to the Miss Shield.

H12 YyIPQDsj


Samshield Miss Shield:


Then it was the OneK in Long Oval. This version is supposed to be MADE for people like me, as it’s a little longer and more narrower than the regular.


Uh. No. It felt like it sat a bit too high and was more perched on my head than anything else.

Now I was starting to get a little bit desperate, as there were only 2 boxes left.


OneK vs Samshield: the final showdown. Can Samshield, the odds on favorite take the win?

So I tried on the regular OneK and I swear angels sang. It felt snug, but not tight, and it was comfortable. It felt RIGHT.

H5 OneK.jpg

But I wasn’t about to declare my eternal love just yet, because I’d saved the best for last, the Samshield. I’ve probably used their configurator a dozen times and just knew this one was going to be perfect.




Hard nope on that. It just looked plain weird. It fit ok, but I sort of look like I NEED to be wearing the helmet, like for medical reasons,  vs the fact that I WANT to wear a helmet. A little disappointing, but it is what it is.

I mean, it even came with these VERY helpful instructions.


Turns out you’re NOT supposed to hold the chinstrap together in your mouth. Who the hell even KNEW THIS? Why didn’t someone tell me?


Samshield Shadow Matte:


So I went back to the OneK to try to find something wrong with it, because that’s what I do.

Con: It seems to attract fingerprints that don’t just wipe right off. This is from putting it on and taking it off once.


I had to use dish soap and water to make it clean again. So that’s a little annoying.


Con: The Cambox fits, but just barely. With my CO, it was a bit more inconspicuous, now it’s pretty in your face like, “HEY I MIGHT BE TAPING YOU AT ANY MOMENT SO WATCH YO’SELF.”


Pro: there are a ton of vents and the helmet has a lot of good reviews in regards to ventilation.

Pro: the liner is removable!

You can also order a spare one to always have on hand, or to help size the helmet, which I found a bit weird at first. Where most helmet manufacturers use exact sizing (6 5/8, 6 7/8, 7, 7 3/4, etc), OneK has 3 “shells” in medium, large and x-large. Which means that you can change the liner if their helmets don’t come in your size.  For example, if you have a tiny head, you can get an x-small or small liner to change the fit of the medium shell, and so on and so on. It’s a cool concept, and I’ll probably end up buying a liner for Child #1, since his old helmet is way too small but he doesn’t ride enough to make purchasing another one worth it.

To make sure I didn’t get a headache, I hung out with the helmet on for about 1/2 hour watching TV. Kaiser didn’t care because #couchislife


But Adele was a bit more concerned:

The final test is to ride in it, which will happen tonight, but so far it appears the OneK Defender is the winner!




Last Day of the Coat Defense Giveaway!

Tonight is the night! Click on the original post and add a comment or send me an email at to enter.

Aaaand if you were refraining because you didn’t want me to pay for shipping (how sweet of you), fret no more! Sandy, the founder and president of Coat Defense will be shipping the winner the samples herself! See note in original post about customer service 🙂 Seriously, it’s a thing with these guys. Plus the products aren’t so bad 😉




Review + Giveaway: Coat Defense

One thing that’s always (pleasantly) surprised me about P is his lack of contracting skin funk. We live in the Charlotte, NC area and it gets so insanely hot and humid, it’s a constant sweatfest. Add in the fact that P can’t go a day without rolling in the mud, and it’s surprising he has any hair left.


Besides a quick bout with scratches on one foot last year, P has remained fungus free. So when P’s ears started looking funky, probably due to sweating in his fly bonnets, I dug through my limited skin care supplies to try to clear it up. Unfortunately, all I had was a medicated shampoo and while P is fine with me clipping that area, he’s apparently not so much a fan of me washing shampoo off of his ears.

At the same time I had been trying to treat P’s ears with medicated shampoo (don’t be like me, just don’t) P came in from the pasture with a mark on his hindquarters that looked like a scrape. NBD, and I didn’t give a second thought to it. But then maybe 2 days later, there were a bunch of little marks in the same area. It was…weird. The Barn Trainer (BT) said she had noticed it when she was turning him out, but had no idea what it was either.

So after trying the shampoo for a couple days and seeing no results, and P becoming increasingly agitated with me, I looked around for something else.


When I was at Rolex this past year, I was in the Top Rail tack booth and a rep was talking to me about the products. At that time I had no need (or room in my suitcase!) but I took their cards to add to my collection and went on my way. Then I saw another boarder using their powder on her horse, so I asked if she liked it. She said yes, so I went on their website and ordered both products: their Powder & Dry Shampoo and the Trouble Spot Drying Paste.

I ordered it Tuesday, August 22nd; they shipped it that day and my package arrived Thursday afternoon. They must have revamped their packaging because what I unwrapped looked way different than what the other boarder has.


Turquoise! They did it just for me 🙂


And a sweet handwritten note on my invoice. With free samples!

Little things like this go a long way

I ordered the Pro size because, to be honest, having descriptions like “24 oz” mean nothing to me. Let me tell you, these suckers are BIG. Both will last a super long time.

They also included some cards for the different ways to use the products.



That Friday (August 25th) I went out to go slather the stuff on my pony. I used the paste on all the now-hairless areas on P’s hindquarters and on both his ears.



I liked the consistency (and it smells fantastic!) and how easily it went on. When it dried it turned white, and I was happy to see it dried pretty quickly. I turned P out and walked away, then turned around before getting in my truck and watched helplessly as he rolled, sure that he was going to rub it right off.


But the next afternoon when I got to the barn, I was surprised to see that everything was still covered, which was nothing short of a miracle. I wasn’t sure if I needed to wash it off and reapply, or if I could just add a coat, so I sent a message off to Coat Defense via their Facebook page and got a response within half an hour…on a Saturday.



So I added some more just to be on the safe side, waited a few minutes for it to dry again, then let him loose again. Rinse and repeat until Wednesday (August 30th), when I finally washed it off.

And….holy miracles.


Before, August 25th (left); after, August 30th (right)


The fungus on his ears is completely gone, and the areas on his hindquarters were just about cleared up. There’s no raw skin, the hair was growing back over it and no more spots have popped up since.

So Coat Defense Trouble Spot Drying Paste:


I had also ordered the Powder & Dry Shampoo, but then kind of didn’t know what to do with it. P doesn’t have any rain rot or anything else besides those spots that the paste took care of that would need this, and he doesn’t chafe or have rubs from his boots or saddle pads or anything.


Then on Tuesday I pulled P out of his stall and stuck him on the trailer to go to Trainer B’s, thinking he was clean (the barn is a little dark). I usually tack P up in the crossties outside under Trainer B’s barn’s overhang and when I stood back to look at him, I saw a bright yellow pony.


But I had the Coat Defense stuff with me and that’s when it clicked that the bottle said dry shampoo also. Durrrr.

So I put some on my medium brush and swept it over the yellow spots. It looks and feels like baby powder, but smells MUCH better, and it immediately took away the worst of the yellow spots when I went over it with a rag. Slightly majikal, and he looked a bit more presentable to the world.

I didn’t get any pictures from that day, but luckily my pony is constantly gross, so here are some from Sunday. I only used it on the saddle area. This is after brushing it with my regular medium brush.





Honestly, I probably won’t use it as a dry shampoo very often. My horse is so gross that I’d fly through bottles upon bottles if that were the case. I can see it being useful if your horse wears fly gear in the summer and you’re concerned about him sweating underneath. I’ll definitely use it in the winter when he gets clipped and blanketed.

I did try it as a helmet deodorizer, because that thing is so gross that even my husband won’t touch it now. I have a Charles Owen AYR8 that does NOT have removable liner (never again), and after this summer, the CO helmet deodorizer spray doesn’t put a damper on the grossness anymore. This totally worked after a couple applications of shaking some onto a rag and grinding it into my helmet liner.

So….all in all, I’m a big fan of this stuff. I’m glad I got the big versions because I can see it lasting a really long time-unless I keep finding new uses for it, of course. It smells great, totally works, the packaging is gorgeous (obviously important), and the customer service is phenomenal. I’m a fan of supporting small businesses when possible, and this ticks all the boxes.


So, with that said, I’m doing a giveaway for the free samples they included in my order!  They’re smaller versions of both the Trouble Spot Paste and the Powder & Dry Shampoo. I’ll pay for shipping 🙂

To enter, just comment below or email me at I’ll put each name into a random generator and choose one from there.

Entries will close Sunday, September 17th at midnight! I’ll post the winner on Monday, September 18th.

Happy Monday!


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New Swag

Tis the season, right? Of course, there are 365 days that are primed for buying horse gear, BUT it’s easier to convince my husband of the purchases around the holiday season (I probably shouldn’t receive gifts until the year 2060 at this rate).

My shirt from OTTB Designs arrived and it’s PERFECT. I saw their FB ad for last call to order their eventer shirts before Christmas, and jumped on that real fast.

It’s pretty lightweight, so best for spring and fall. I wore it yesterday for the first time (50 degrees) to ride with a vest over it and was perfectly comfortable. There are a ton of options, and you can pick what you want down the right sleeve- tattoo, barn name, JC name, etc. I got P’s JC/show name “Forever Gallant”, after double checking with them to make sure it would fit. I also got the vertical logo, where it runs down the left sleeve instead of the standard logo that is at the top of the sleeve. FYI, their customer service is awesome.



The length for both the shirt and the sleeves is perfect. I’m 5’10”, 165 lb and got a large. It’s long enough to tuck into breeches, but not so long that it makes the butt look wrinkly. Sleeve length is spot on- I have spider arms and HATE when sleeves come up short.

Here are their color options:



They also have different options for lettering:


I paid $49.95 for it total and received it within 3 weeks. Super happy with the purchase and will totally go back for another one. They’ve closed their online store until January 2017, so bookmark it for shopping later!

P also got a new hat! I ordered a custom bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits exactly a year ago and LOVE it. It seriously goes on P every ride whether it’s a trail ride or a horse trial, to everything in between. I machine wash it on delicate when it gets crusty and gross (maybe 2x/month) and let it air dry, and it still looks the same as the day it arrived. For real. No loose stitching, the embroidery is perfect and it’s held it’s shape. Sierra uses super high quality materials and is mega talented. When I first contacted her about making one, she didn’t have what I envisioned for the turquoise part…so she went out and got a bunch of samples and sent them to me to pick out. Even if she didn’t have the amazing customer service she does, I would still continue to buy from her.

We loves it

She just sent me my finished second one (this one will be mostly for dressage and then our regular backup), and I can’t wait to get it!


P also got a new stall nameplate. The one that my husband had made for me earlier this year is now up on my library wall, along with our ribbons and Jester’s nameplate.


A friend purchased a nameplate from Open Door Press and I contacted the owner (now a friend)  10 minutes within seeing hers. Here’s her Etsy site also- mine was completely custom (she had mostly jumper and dressage designs and I wanted XC). She didn’t have anything existing for an eventer, so I sent her some design pictures and she worked her magic- and added turquoise! I’m in LOVE with it.



She just put out some monogrammed brushes and helmet/bucket/etc monograms….and oh, the temptation is real.


I’m fairly certain that’s all I’ve bought recently. I think I deserve a pat on the back for that one (and maybe a reward from SmartPak!).






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1st Blog Hop! Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

I’ve never participated in one of these before (duh, this entire blog is brand new), but it looked like fun and I’m low on new media. I wish my ride tonight could’ve been caught on tape…P would be going around super nice and then BAM! Rodeo pony…sort of. P still isn’t sure how to actually buck. He’ll yank his head down, but his hind end doesn’t go up, so he’ll give up and just throw his head up and scoot forward, bouncing up and down. It’s not fun to ride, and he repeated the behavior four different times- the trainer was giving a lesson and had to tell one of the younger girls not to go near P because her pony was already acting up. Bad pony P! 

P and I have been showing since February, but only started eventing in September. When I evented pre-injury, I was a poor college/working student so basically had zero disposable income. Now my husband will argue that I’ve purchased half of SmartPak, Dover and Riding Warehouse. Making up for lost time there, buddy. Sorry. 

1. My trailer’s awning

Seriously, this thing is awesome. We’ve owned the trailer for 4 years and only just pulled this thing out in Aiken because it was super windy and we wanted somewhere for the kids to hang out. It will now come out at ALL THE SHOWS. Even Pilgrim wanted to be under it and kept inching himself underneath. We set up chairs, a little table and had the cooler there with drinks- it was a nice place to relax between phases.

2. Mango Bay Belt in teal

I wear this belt in all 3 phases. It’s just a little bit of color for dressage and then matches our jumper/xc gear perfectly. These belts are amazing (I only have 2, but will be adding) because they lay flat and don’t budge. And you can’t beat the price! There are a ton of colors and designs and I want every single one of them. 

3. Stanley Rolling Workshop

This is always packed with show stuff because I’m notorious for forgetting small stuff if I keep it in my regular tack trunk. It’s filled with braiding tools, my medical arm band & pinny, P’s fly bonnet, my show gloves, my xc watch, travel bottles of tack cleaner, show sheen, etc, band-aids, hand sanitizer, safety pins, small clippers, duct tape and lots of d-rings and double ended snaps. It’s easy to maneuver around (like a rolling suitcase), doesn’t take up a lot of room and tall enough to use while braiding. 

4. Roeckl Chester Gloves

I’m one of those rare people that hates riding in gloves, even in the winter. I don’t know why, I’ve always been like that. But when I started showing in dressage with P early this year, I had to suck it up.  These gloves are awesome. I have them in both in black and white, but I haven’t used the white yet. They’re lightweight and have awesome grip. And are touch screen compatible! I still don’t wear gloves for every day riding, so I can’t speak to how well they last, but these will always travel with me to shows. 
Plus they make P look like the cutest moose ever. 

5. SmartPak Small Hole Haynet

Pilgrim resembles a Hoover when there’s any sort of food in front of him, especially hay. Due to the terrible weather, he’s been cooped up inside and he would suck up his hay within an hour. The barn I’m at gives tons of hay, but he just downs it too quickly and then goes without eating for longer periods of time. When I took him to Tryon a few weeks ago, same thing, so I quickly brought out the hay net that was in my trailer and viola! His hay lasts a lot longer. So this will go with me to shows as well as stay in his stall to keep that gut working as much as possible. It’s been about 3 weeks and the barn staff have said he has hay in front of him a lot longer and there’s a lot less wasted. Everyone wins!



Product reviews of my Christmas goodies!

I’ve hinted towards it in both my posts thus far- my husband is the best. From going to leading a very non-horsey life to getting thrown headfirst into it, he’s taken it like a champ. He doesn’t bother with going to jewelry stores or buying flowers and chocolates- he heads straight to the local tack store or to (my always updated) SmartPak wishlist for all sorts of occasions- anniversaries, V-Day, birthdays, Christmas, and lots of other days in between.

For Christmas this year, I was gifted new Premier Equine XC boots (fronts and hinds!), Roeckl Chester gloves and Super Comfort Iron Pads for my dressage saddle. So I’m going to do a little blurb on each.

Pilgrim has worn the XC boots 3x now and I love them. He’s 16.1 and wears the medium fronts and small back. Based on a lot of the reviews, it seems the hinds are made much larger so go for a smaller size than what the sizing chart tells you. It’s been rain central here so we headed over to some large puddles and these puppies have stayed on with no problems. They also haven’t given him rubs and he’s worn them for an hour and through nasty wet arena sand and grass. Super easy to clean also- just hose them off and they look great. I almost wish I had requested the white ones because they’re so easy to clean. Pilgrim looks so grown up in them.

Ignore the tags, had to try them on first!
Ignore the tags, had to try them on first!
Deep puddle
Deep puddle










I’m excited to give them a proper test run on a real course, but that definitely won’t happen until this ground dries up quite a bit more.

Next, husbers gave me Roeckl Chester gloves in black. I typically HATE wearing riding gloves because I feel like I lose a lot of feeling in the reins. I would wear them in shows and as soon as my class was over, the gloves would come off. Apparently I’m wearing the wrong gloves because I rode in these today and they felt great. No slipping but they didn’t stick either, which is important when you’re riding a sensitive 4 year old!


Last but not least, are the Super Comfort Iron Pads. I’ve had a pair of these for the last 6 months, but it was getting really annoying moving my stirrup irons back and forth in between my jump and dressage saddles so I’m really excited to be able to put these on my dressage irons and not have to do anymore switching. I can definitely tell a difference when I use these stirrup pads. I had the plain rubber ones on my dressage irons and my feet were always slipping. When I ride in these, my foot magically stays in place. I know part of that is my heel coming up, but I’m not perfect and these make me feel more secure on my sometimes squirrely baby TB. The one downside is that they can scuff your saddle or leathers if you’re not careful. But I’ve had these on my jump saddle for 6 months and on and off my dressage saddle and so far so good!

Super comfort

Ahhh, love my husband!