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We’re BA-ACK

So…as some of you know thanks to LiveScores, this past weekend was a biggie for me- Leo’s 5th show, my 2nd show ever with Leo, 1st BN with Leo and 1st EVER recognized competition for me (at a recognized level). I finally have a USEA record!


I’m still digesting.


A couple weeks ago, Trainer B and I were looking at the show schedule, trying to figure out a plan. War Horse (my personal favorite show series) was sold out of stabling for the July HT, I wasn’t sure if I could make it to Virginia International since they’re running during the week, so it looked like our only option was either the August Windridge or the August War Horse, both of which were so very far away.

And then Trainer B said, “Or you could go to Chatt. It’s in 2 weeks, though.”


Thanks to Leo’s time off when he cut his leg, I’d only jumped the horse maybe 4 times at that point since he’d gotten back from FL. So while Leo was ready, I wasn’t so sure about me. So I hemmed and hawed over it, then entered the day after closing and buckled down to work.

Dressaging at Trainer B’s
Halt needs some work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I caravanned down with Trainer B + his 4 horses in his trailer, and the owner of Trainer B’s farm, her daughter and her horse in their trailer, and we made it to Chatt in about 6 hours, arriving around 6:30 PM Thursday evening. Since we all entered a day late, we were banished to the temporary stalls, which was miserably hot with no air flow, BUT had the best view in the venue, right in front of the main SJ ring.

Leo being a masochist and not standing in front of his fan like a normal horse

Since RV hookups were sold out, I rented a cabin on the grounds and it was small, but perfectly lovely. It had a bunk bed with a double on the bottom, and a little sleeping loft that a tiny person (or kid) could fit into, as well as AC and a mini fridge. And it was super close to the bathrooms and showers. 10/10 recommend at $75/night.


Friday we had an absolutely lovely, relaxed ride around which left me excited to FINALLY show again, for the first time in 8 months, on Saturday!


19 thoughts on “We’re BA-ACK”

  1. my friend Steph was there too competing (But in a different BN than you) they had their LQ trailer they just got but didnt get a RV spot even with signing up early. But they made it. She said it was sO Hot but CC got a real stall in the real barns 😉 Unlike you guys banished hahaha

    Cant wait to read more!! You are really crazy just saying 🙂 HA!


    1. The stalls looked gorgeous, I was so sad we didn’t get to stay in them 😓 The owner of the property said usually they have 220 per show but they had over 330 entries this time so it was nuts!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How exciting for you! You guys do things so different to us, we have the option of camping unpowered, or camping unpowered here, a cute cabin is unheard of.


  3. YAY!!!! I’m so happy for you that you are back out competing and with such a lovely beastie. That cabin sounds perfect and eventhough the temp stall were hot the location sounds great. Can’t wait to read the rest


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