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Two Posts in One Month…

I should get a medal.


P is still doing dressagey things. While his transitions are coming along…

…and you can actually point him down the long side or across the diagonal without him running off…

…though lateral work continues to be very snake-like…

Oh mer gerrrr…just BEND

He says his life is hard.


Yesterday Leo won the World’s Most Ammy Friendly Horse award during our jump lesson. I’m so glad I don’t have any media of it. The entire lesson consisted of me aiming him at jumps, then sitting there wondering which way I was supposed to turn afterwards, completed by being surprised that I was supposed to keep both stirrups upon landing from said jump.  This happened over and over and was utterly absurd. I should offer to pay for Trainer B’s next eye exam, since I’m sure they were bleeding.

Me: Thanks for not killing me. Leo: Get it together, woman

Then I ordered 5 pairs of stirrups, because CLEARLY the stirrups are the problem.


But I’m overdue for some new stirrups anyway, as mine have been making my knees hurt. I thought it was just my own problem, until I rode in Trainer B’s saddle with his Antares stirrups, and had zero pain. Here’s what I have coming:


Stubben Maxi Grips

Freejump Air’s

Freejump Soft’Up Classic

Tech Iris XC Irons

My new-to-me Antares jump saddle arrived last week, and the trial/loaner dressage saddle from Takt is supposed to be delivered today. I have a week to decide if it’s the right model for the boys and I, and if it is, then this beauty will be made for me:

Takt TSD-37. The deep seat is heaven
I chose bison leather. It’s softer than buffalo and grippier than calfskin
I’m going to get silver piping along the seat and bottom of cantle, but not that big patch of silver on the cantle

Complete with a swarvoski crytal rope like below:



Definitely more excited than P getting his pedicure from AGF















10 thoughts on “Two Posts in One Month…”

    1. Fit is definitely the most important thing! Thanks to P’s wither dips + my abnormally long femur, I just couldn’t find anything 😭 Leo’s the only normal one of the trio

      Liked by 1 person

  1. lol i’ve definitely had that lesson before…. also fyi have the stubben maxi grip stirrups and pretty much adore them. here’s hoping that at least one of the pairs you order works for you! supposedly it’s the wider footbeds that help with knee pain?


  2. Never heard of that saddle brand – does Trainer B ride in it? It looks lovely. I’m just starting to think about maybe getting a dressage saddle for Eeyore but have no idea where to even begin and then I start thinking that maybe it is time to get a new jump saddle without such a deep seat since I don’t really feel like I need that deep of a seat anymore but then money so yeah..nope.


    1. No, he only rides in Antares, since he’s sponsored by them. I loved the Antares dressage saddle, but P needs a dropped panel 🤷‍♀️ Takt is sort of a new company, but my BO and another boarder have custom saddles from them and absolutely love them. Since they’re wool flocked, the fitter can make it neutrally fit both my horses and I can adjust fit with half pads. PLUS, their custom saddle prices are very reasonable AND they give you a loaner saddle to use the entire time they’re making your saddle so you always have something to ride in.


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