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Well, This Is…Uhhh..Interesting

When we decided to move, friends/family thought we were nuts for downsizing from our big, gorgeous house. But my response was, “We’re never home, the house is wasted on us!”


Joke was clearly on me, as 48 hours after cutting our living space in half, we were all told not to leave our homes.

10/10 don’t mind never leaving, with this view from my back patio. Adele is in HEAVEN.

However, despite the amount of work that needed to be done to bring the house into this decade, it’s been great to be kept busy (and have Husband home to complete projects). And because we now have 2.5 acres (across from the barn), we simply HAD to become farmers!

Husband and I are incredibly lucky that we’re able to work from home. My job can go wherever I am, but I wasn’t sure how Husband’s job was going to fare, since he travels so much (not anymore), but so far so good.

Though work/school time is a wee bit crowded.
100% true

My barn is still open to its few boarders, and is pretty much the only place I go to when I leave the house. That, and all the takeout restaurants- a lot of our locally owned restaurants are really struggling right now so we almost exclusively eat takeout.


Leo is back in NC, but is staying with Trainer B until the end of May, to make the transition a bit easier for the both of us. I was a bit nervous to have him just come home, since I hadn’t ridden the horse in 5 months, but I’ve been able to get up there 2x/week, and am much more comfy on him now. We’ve even jumped XC, which was soooo exciting (for me, Leo was bored).

Missed this view so much


P has found his calling…as a dressage horse, of all things. It started when Leo left for Florida and my surgery got pushed back a few weeks due to the stupid spider bite. So I took some lessons with my BO’s dressage trainer, and then picked back up when I was cleared to ride again. I was 100% certain P would be so bored and awful, but to everyone’s surprise, he throws himself into the work.


He IS still P, though, and sometimes throws himself right into a tantrum


With regular hauling to trails, lots of hacking, and lessons 2x/week, he’s definitely the fittest he’s ever been. He seems to understand that he’s no longer going to be asked to jump and his attitude towards work has completely shifted. If shows ever come back (gaaaahhh), I’m actually toying with taking him to some USDF shows. Who even am I?


I hope everyone is staying safe and doing ok during this incredibly weird time. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone soon!




24 thoughts on “Well, This Is…Uhhh..Interesting”

  1. Great to hear from you! So glad that P is totally loving the dressage work. Those little chicks (or just chick? lol) are so cute!! I am so with you on that view tho. I’d never want to leave, either, and my lifestyle certainly hasn’t changed since I’ve needed to be home often haha!


  2. Awwww, P the Dressage horse makes me so happy. I went through a similar journey with Connor, and I joke he’s just happier with at least one foot on the ground at all times.


  3. I wonder if P is so hesitant with the jumping because things have hurt so many times with that. Either way, as long as he is loving his job and is healthy, that’s great.

    I can’t imagine being in a new home right now. I’ve seen a few people moving and it just looks like a nightmare. I’m glad you guys seem to be doing well.


    1. It’s definitely possible that was the cause at the end, but I really think it was just never enjoyable for him. Because it wasn’t enjoyable for me and so the cycle of misery never ended.

      I definitely feel for the people moving now. We were lucky in that we closed and moved on March 12th, then everything locked down March 14th. So we just made it!


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