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I Promise I’ve Had a Good Excuse…

For not writing in, what, a month? More? But that’s because I was busy moving.

From this:

After the woods behind our house were torn down and we found out they were putting THREE houses crammed together along my back fence, we said ADIOS
All of that used to be woods. Now it’s all houses that look EXACTLY THE SAME.



Yes, that’s totally the barn I keep P & Leo at. I 100% moved across the street total stalker-style.


And I couldn’t be happier.

P: y iz u always hur now?

Back to regularly scheduled content (and catching up on y’all’s adventures) soon!




21 thoughts on “I Promise I’ve Had a Good Excuse…”

  1. Congrats on the move! When we bought a house, I literally circled an area around the barn and told our real estate agent (luckily a horse person) that we needed something within that circle. However, I didnt get nearly as close as you did! Lucky!


    1. Thank you! My barn owner told me that house was going to go on the market at some point so her husband reached out to pave the way, then we were all, “Hey, our house sold super fast, take pity on us before we’re homeless and we’ll take it in as-is condition,” and SOMEHOW it all worked 🙌🙌

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  2. You are living the dream!!!! Horses basically in your back yard but on days that you’re feeling sick or the weather is super shitty you can stay inside and say “not today my friends, not today” Though on the flip side now you are close enough to go and help on those super shitty days where a friendly hand would be welcomed 😉 HAHAHAHAHA. BUT BEST MOVE EVER!!!!


    1. For real! It’s 2.5 acres, so soooo much privacy, but literally a 27 second drive across the street. I still can’t believe it worked out the way it did! Nerve wracking last 45 days 😂


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