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So I’m not dead, and I have been following along with y’all’s blogs, but typing one-handed sucks so much, commenting has been non-existent. I’ve been that silent stalker that brings your page views up, but clicks off without a trace.


Things are healing and I ditched the sling pretty quickly.

It’s literally covered in chocolate from this box of chocolate covered strawberries. Worth it.

And the bandages were taken off last Thursday, where my dr said we’d talk about riding in FOUR MORE WEEKS. I fired him. Sort of. Ok, I didn’t.ย  Then yesterday a kid I tutor told me my arm looks like a “zombie arm,” so that was helpful.


I started occupational therapy last Friday and the OT read me the notes my doctor put in. He legit warned her via my medical chart that I’d try to persuade her to sign off on me riding. Har har, Doc. Har har.

Me: P, aren’t you dying for me to ride you? P: No, let’s just cuddle

Leo has been bopping along in Florida, doing event horse things, such as HIS FIRST CORNER last week. Of course, no media exists of said event. Wish professionals were as media-obsessed as amateurs. Srsly.

And I haven’t really even been out to the barn (gasp), as much, choosing instead to spend evenings at Crossfit so that I can retain some semblance of fitness when I’m authorized to clambor back aboard.

Can you tell which kid is actually comfy with horses and which one would prefer to be 50 feet away?

AND we’re considering moving to the other side of town to be closer to all the things we do (such as the barn), so readying our house that we’ve lived in for 5 years + has endured 2 growing boys has been no minor feat.

A rare Husband sighting on a day off from work and/or home improvement things

I swore when we bought this house, I’d never move again. But that was before I was boarding where I am now, which is paradise-on-earth. The area we’re looking at has my barn commute time between 5-8 minutes, so bring on the home repairs! For Husband, that is. Obvi.


I will do my best to start commenting more on everyone’s adventures- keep ’em coming so I can live vicariously through you all for the next, um, FOREVER #Desperation

24 thoughts on “OH MER GER”

  1. I’m glad your recovery is going well and that Leo is being his usual fantabulous self in Florida! Those snuggle pics with P are just the cutest โค And 5-8 minutes away from the barn? Soooo much better!


    1. It would be amazing to be that close! Right now itโ€™s about 20-25 min without traffic and every minute counts when you have to squeeze riding between work & getting kids! P is the snuggliest- heโ€™d like for that to be his FT job ๐Ÿ˜‚


  2. WOO!!! 5-8 minute commute?? Yes please!!! Moving sucks but for the barn- worth it ๐Ÿ˜€

    HEAL ARM!!! There are adventures to be had!!!!! And such a sneaky doctor…telling your OT to not sign off on riding….


    1. If I do have to have the 2nd surgery, he said likely middle of summer and goes, โ€œWhich is probably when you donโ€™t ride anyways, right? Because itโ€™s so hot?โ€ BAHAHAHAHAHA

      I told him Iโ€™d see him the next December if that were the case ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. Gaaaahhh, yeah, weโ€™ve moved 10 times in 9 years, thanks to the military. I swore I was done when we bought this house in 2015, then developers tore down all the woods behind my house and are lining my backyard with cookie cutter houses.


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