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Horsey Days

The highlight of the weekend was most definitely heading to Tryon for a hunter pace with Bette and Sara! Since it’s just under 2 hours from me and there weren’t going to be any jumps to jump, I borrowed a horse from Bette and made Sara promise to let me just sit on Eeyore. Muahaha.

For the first part of the ride, I was given Bette’s little horse Finn, who I’ve always referred to as “Angel Pony.” Bette told me the nickname always made her laugh because he’s spooky an spins in circles, but it turned out Bette CLEARLY doesn’t even know her own horse because Finn the Angel Pony (the name will stay forever) didn’t put a single foot wrong.

FINNY! Angel Pony fo’ sho’

But when we got to the halfway point, got some water for us an the horses and prepared to get back on, I made Sara stop midway through mounting her horse because, uhhh, HALLO, it’s MY TURN.

Unsure as to why E is not matching my enthusiasm level


His expression is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G

In Cooper news, he’s leaving to go home on the 27th so that New Horse can have a home, when/if New Horse will be found. I’ve really enjoyed riding him and hope New Horse has as much XC gusto as he does.

Thanks for the memories, C

And in New Horse news, Trainer B & I continue to weed out horses via video. I was able to sit on a really nice horse yesterday that belongs to a friend of Bette’s, and am waiting for Trainer B to declare his opinion.

Me right about now

22 thoughts on “Horsey Days”

  1. I love Eeyore’s face in the first picture. You are so super excited and he is….clearly questioning his life choices that led him to this moment in time. His expressions make my life better.

    P better keep those shoes on! And uh….eyes creep me out. The thought of scraping the eye makes my want to puke. Gross


  2. yeah i couldnt do eyes either. UGH i hope Pilgrim gets back to normal (wait has he ever been normal) soon and I hope you find another horse as well. C will be glad to get back to the lazy life I am sure.

    And oh P and the Trex. Never gets old 😉 HA


    1. I have to say that I’ll take the eye over another Foot Hole. Now THAT was disgusting.

      Every time I pull out the T-Rex suit, I worry that P will freak out. But then I start inflating it and P is all, “Haaaiii fraaand” and nuzzles it. Every single time. Meanwhile, the rest of the horses start losing it 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Pilgrim is being super extra with his vet bills these days huh?

    Pony shopping is so fun and awful at the same time. I hope your search has a happy ending soon!


    1. It’s like he’s testing me to see how far I’ll go to treat him 🤦‍♀️

      I’m not a fan of horse shopping, but it could be over as soon as tomorrow!


      1. :O Any news? Also unrelated but did you ever post about your finished trailer conversion? I remember you were working on it the past few years but was curious what you ended up with!


      2. Still healing just suuuuper slow 🤦‍♀️ I did post pictures of the trailer in my cost recap post back in Jan! He still needs to do some trim work, but other than that, the inside is done. I want water though! So trying to figure out the best way to do that.


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