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Out There Somewhere…

A new horse, that is. Baby OTTB #1 got vetted Wednesday and I couldn’t run away fast enough.

Me after hearing the vet report

Tip to anyone selling a horse: If your horse is slightly off on one hind and you tell the buyer that it’s only because he was tried multiple times in a short period of time (which is totally plausible), BUT then after x-rays are performed and look totally clear, refuse to let there be further diagnostics so buyer can be sure it’s NOT a suspensory similar to the one she just spent 7+ months rehabbing….that’s shady as hell.

When I hear anything about a possible soft tissue injury

Yeah. Hard pass.

So the search continues.


20 thoughts on “Out There Somewhere…”

  1. Omg I’ve never heard of that happening! So sad and a waste of your time! While I know doing the event wasn’t going to be super exciting at BN, if you had known the seller was going to pull this you could have at least been on xc.
    I know you’ll find the right one, and know it’ll be worth the wait.


    1. I know- I forfeited an entry fee for that! Though there were no guarantees we’d have made it out of SJ alive 😂 The theory is that she didn’t want it coming out that he had a soft tissue injury because then she’d have to disclose it. That’s really the only reasonable explanation


    1. Which of course happened AFTER all the x-rays 😭😭😭 The xray was totally clear so nothing to explain the off-ness and then she just refused to let the vet eliminate soft tissue. Huge red flag.

      Trainer B is on his way to KY right now and is making some calls 😝

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  2. We already talked but I’m super glad you have such an awesome team around you through this process. People are shady as hell. Have you checked out Jessica Redman’s Facebook? I don’t even want an OTTB but I drool over her horses. Lots of gorgeous ones on there.


  3. Uhhhhhh yeah shady as hell! I would’ve run just like you did! Huge red flag to refuse to let the vet check it out! Well, I’m sorry he didn’t work out. But KY does sound promising, so fingers crossed for you that Trainer B finds something!


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