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War Horse Event + A Surprise Twist

Man, it’s been awhile. Feels like even longer than just a week since I last posted. C & I have had 2 lessons with Trainer B, both pretty interesting. C is such a different ride than P and even S, so it’s been extremely educational for me. He’s super hard to steer, especially to the left, and he’s the opposite of careful when it comes to jumping SJ jumps, but damn if he isn’t going to get to the other side of the fence. He may get to the other side by dismantling the jump, but hey, he doesn’t refuse.


Here’s a helmet cam video of Lesson #2 that I made for his owner:

So we decided to enter the BN at Carolina Horse Park this past weekend, which is always a fun event because they let you (for a cost, of course) school on Saturday before you show on Sunday.

So Friday I arrived at the horse park, then after getting C settled in his stall, I headed to a farm a few minutes away to sit on the first 4 year old OTTB I’ve sat on in 5 years.

4 year old Pilgrim ears

More on that later.


Saturday was the schooling day, so C & I headed out to do a quick SJ warmup, do a round of SJ, then head XC. Except C didn’t think the warmup needed to be so short. He was very into the idea that he could just grab the bit and take off, occasionally bulldozing fences along the way. We tried adjusting his bit/bridle, changing the ride to/after fences, but it was all for naught. So I went in to see if maybe he’d settle during the course.


Nope. After running at fences 1-3, then crashing through jump 4 and running away with me after the 2 stride, I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t turn him left, he was completely oblivious to anything I was doing up there, and it was getting embarrassing. There was a line of riders still waiting to go, so I called it and we went XC.

Note: None of this was news to me and these issues had been disclosed to me by his owner. He’s 19 and not going to change, so there really was just zero point in fighting about it.

So, on XC warmup, after making C calm the F down to trot a log in a circle for 5 minutes, we graduated to trotting the BN coop, then the N log pile, then he was allowed to canter the N log pile a few times before we went to the course.

Where we were promptly told to do the BN Jump #1 to Training Jump #2 to Novice Jump #3. And I thought for sure I’d heard wrong because, uhhh, haaalllloooo, we were there to jump the BN.


But I didn’t hear wrong, so we did, even though I’d stood next to Training #2 that very morning and literally shuddered at how wide it was. At that point it hadn’t even occurred to me that I’d be told to jump it. Let’s all remember I’ve now jumped this horse a grand total of 5 times, and hadn’t jumped a single XC fence over BN in a year.

But everything I pointed him at, he tackled with no hesitation. We jumped a few BN and a few Training, and jumped pretty much all of Novice. I wasn’t able to get it all on helmet cam because it died, but here’s a little bit of what we did:

And one ground person was nice enough to get us going through the Training water.

So I ended the day seriously thrilled. No, C is not the most athletic. But he doesn’t say no and that allows me to finally, FINALLY work on other things besides just pleading with the horse to take off. And sure, SJ schooling completely sucked, but you know what? I can’t even be mad or upset. I’m just grateful I was out there on a horse, learning things and not, oh ya know, shoving ointment into my horse’s eye all weekend.


After schooling, Trainer B and I were supposed to go for a second look at the horse I’d tried the day before, but the heavens opened up and storms came roaring through the area, so that was definitely a no-go. And it looked like it wasn’t meant to be because the horse’s trainer was coaching students at CHP on Sunday and between my ride times, Trainer B’s ride times and her students’ ride times, we could not find a mutually agreeable time.

So Trainer B and I discussed options:

Option A: Make an offer on the horse without riding a second time.

Option B: Walk away.

Option C: Go over there late in the afternoon. I really didn’t want to wait around all day after showing.

Option D: Scratch the show and go there at 8 AM.

I chose Option D for a few reasons:

  1. I had no clue where the BN fences were on XC because we’d only jumped a couple the day before and our course walk time got rained out #lazy
  2. We had jumped N/T things, so who really cares about jumping BN
  3. I wouldn’t hate life if I didn’t take him SJ
  4. He’s not my horse and this is an unrecognized show

So 8 AM saw me not in the dressage arena (my dressage time was 8:12), but back on top of the wiggly 4 year old. Who, despite being crammed on a 20m circle due to ring conditions, really tried his little heart out to bend and not break gait. And when I took him out to their jump field and Trainer B set some fences, was just absolutely super.

He’s as cute as a baby deer…with similarly sized gangly legs at the moment 🙂

When we got back to the showgrounds, Trainer B and I discussed the horse and decided to make the trainer an offer. I’ve never bought a horse with a trainer before (hello $700 unbroke 9 year old back in 2010 and then P, who I bought off of FB videos in 2014), and this is definitely the life. 10/10 recommend. Trainer B did everything from negotiations to setting up the vetting which is…drumroll, please…TOMORROW MORNING.

So we’ll see what happens! If this horse doesn’t pan out, there are a couple more on the list to check out. But fingers are crossed that all checks out!





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