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Comes in Threes…Right?

Last week, BO told all the boarders that the vet was coming out Monday and to call the clinic if they needed their horse seen for anything. I ever-so-proudly announced that finally, after nearly a year, P did NOT need to see the vet. And I was proud.

Then on Sunday, walking up from turning C out, I stopped at P’s pasture to give a quick pat and say hi. P came trotting up and I thought, “Hmmm, you look like you’re squinting in one eye,” then pulled a peppermint out of my pocket and his eye popped wide open. So, ok, you’re fine. Good night. Except…


It kept bothering me. All night and the next morning, until finally I texted BO and asked her to just look at P’s eyes and see if she saw anything weird. And she sent me this:


So I called the vet clinic and added P. Damnit P. You couldn’t just leave my wallet alone for ONE vet visit?


The vet is the same one who monitored P’s Foot Hole and is from the mobile unit of Tryon, where Dr. H is (Dr. H treated P’s suspensory), so she’s quite familiar with his recent string of idiocy bad luck. As I was pulling his fly mask off, I was explaining that it might be nothing but I’d just had a bad feeling about it, and she said, “I mean it IS Pilgrim.” So great that my horse has a reputation now (when I called the clinic, the receptionist asked about his Foot Hole). So great.


She noted that it was still a little squinty, so she put some dye in and lo and behold…puncture. Not just a scratch, but an actual puncture. You’ve got to hand it to the horse, when P does something, he does it thoroughly.


So P’s on a million different meds (fine, just 3, but one has to be given 4x/day) with a recheck next week. And in a fly mask 24/7, with this over it as extra protection:


So one might think, “This is where she finally snaps and kills him,” and normally I’d be all, “Yep, he’s a goner,” but fortunately for P (and perhaps unfortunately for me), the Tiniest Dictator just started riding lessons and wants to practice in between. And despite P’s suicidal tendencies, he is 100% the most careful and trustworthy horse around this kid.

Husband joined us on Friday and got these shots:

When the T.D. sets a stool next to P, P won’t move an inch, despite hating being groomed.


Practicing his jump position, for when he takes P Prelim.


Leading him out of the arena. P will follow this kid off the edge of a cliff.


And my absolute favorite is when the T.D. shows he’s not a complete sociopath and says thank you to P.


So despite the fact that my horse is intent on financing my vet’s entire life, he’s sort of irreplaceable. Let’s just hope that this eye thing heals quickly and smoothly.




33 thoughts on “Comes in Threes…Right?”

  1. oh good lord, you have got to be kidding me 😦 eye stuff scares me to death, ugh. last christmas charlie kept having this weird squinty watery thing going on with one of his eyes, but we didn’t figure out until *after* the $400+ treatments etc that he was just bashing his eye repeatedly into his water bucket hook ugh. luckily that was fixed easily enough!! hopefully P heals quickly tho. another horse at my barn just had an eye puncture and she ended up spending a couple days in the hospital then getting a catheter put directly into her eye so they could get the meds (so many meds tho) in easily and efficiently. ugh. eyes. ugh. P…. ugh.


    1. Luckily P’s doing ok with having his meds put in (so far) but the vet said it’s deeper than she’d like to see, which scares me. I told her to just go ahead and remove the eye- clearly P wants to be a barefoot, one-eyed horse 🤦‍♀️


    1. Get it together is right. He’d be so much less bored if he could get back to doing things. But he keeps setting himself back and it’s soooo frustrating!


  2. i almost spit my coffee out when you posted that picture of him in the bug mask.

    i’m so sorry. I don’t even know what else to say. Just take the eye out?? BOTH EYES OUT? BUBBLE WRAP??


    1. Bahaha, he really rocks the bug mask. Can’t take him seriously in it.

      I literally told the vet that we could skip the meds and to just remove the eye. P wants to be barefoot and one-eyed? Ok then.


  3. P says, if you’re going to do something do it all the way! Good grief tho, hopefully that ends his run of shenanigans!


  4. I think P is trying to tell you to buy the other horse bc he wants to be TD’s and until you realize that he’s going to keep injuring himself 😉 Who needs a cute squishy pony when you have a Pilgrim???


    1. Bahaha second horse is definitely on the horizon. I’ve already told P he’s going to be a trick pony/TD’s mount so he has no more excuses to keep hurting himself!


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