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Happy Birthday to My Idiot

Despite my threatening demeanor as of late (to amputate, to feed him to lions, to kick his Foot Hole, to use him for target practice…you get the idea), I put that aside yesterday to take some birthday/anniversary pictures with the pony. Because I hate him…but I love him. What can ya do?

So anyway, happy 9th birthday and 5 year anniversary to P!

This could’ve gone horribly wrong, considering he hasn’t been ridden in 2 months. But as per usual, the crazier the idea, the better he behaves #PilgrimLogic

And the family got into the action as well.



Getting that tiara to stay on was no joke


And I had to fight the Tiniest Dictator to the mounting block

Here’s to many more shenanigans with Pony P!

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