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Lame…Someone Is Always Lame

Yesterday the vet came out and cleared P to go back to work. She said he’d need a shoe on before he can really do anything, as one front shoe and one boot makes for unevenness. But I hopped on him last night anyway and we did a little 10 minute walk/trot, for which he was PERFECT.

The Foot Hole on April 24th. All gone!

So naturally, this morning I got this text from BO:

BO has been practicing with her bow to go hunting and I’m fine with her using P for target practice.

I mean…COME.ON.


But you know what? Whatever. I’ve pretty much made my peace that P will not be my main competition mount any longer, so there’s really no pressure to get him back doing anything. Maybe I’ll text the farrier…maybe not (who are we kidding, we all know I will).



Before I rode P last night, I rode C, who has now been sound for 4 days in a row. Last night I had to force myself to get off- he felt energetic and strong, which was quite different from when he arrived. He’s older so after talking with our vet and his regular vet, we’re putting him on Previcox just to make him extra comfy. But it appears the initial lameness he experienced was due to a stone bruise that is hopefully a thing of the past. If he can’t hold up to work, he’ll go back to his owner and I’ll be on the lookout for a permanent replacement.

Best hill to build the booty

So after I got the text from BO about P, I was all, “At least I have C & S to ride.”


Then I went to CrossFit…just like I do nearly every day. And we did lots of tall box jumps…of which I have done thousands over the past few years with nary a scrape. But today…today was the day my right leg was all, “JUMP!” and my left was like, “Nah, you go ahead.”

There are multiple lumps and the whole area around the cuts are already bruising like a mofo. Just when it’s starting to get hot here!

So not only is my horse hobbling around like a cripple, but now I am also. And I had told myself that I would ride C every day this week to make sure he could stay sound and I had told BO that I would stay later at the barn tonight to ride S as well.


So as not to scare small children (the Tiniest Dictator asked me if my leg was going to fall off), I’m wearing super loose fitting pants to work and every time fabric so much as brushes against the gash, I want to die. So how I’m going to put on breeches and half chaps on is beyond me.


Pray for me.

Thinking I’ll just get the Tiniest Dictator to sub in for me.





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