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Foster Brother

I’m having a serious horse hangover today. Somehow I went from 0 horses to ride to 3. Well, 2.5.

Friday I was getting stuff out of my car, which was parked next to the round pen. I heard hooves and look up to see P just casually trotting around the round pen, trying to get my attention. Sound as can be.

Wut…I didn’t do nuffin

Challenge accepted.

Maybe a little shell-shocked. We FINALLY got to try out the PS of Sweden bridle we got from Megan!

This was the first time I’d gotten on my horse since February 23rd. Lined him up with the mounting block and prepared myself to get run away with. But…nothing. He waited until I got settled and asked him to walk, then we ambled around the arena.


Now…am I supposed to be riding? No. The vet had said he could go back undersaddle when his foot has grown out. But mentally, P needs something to do other than sit in the round pen by himself for 18 hours/day. He can’t go back in the pasture because of the mud, and that shoe absolutely has to stay on. And if P can trot and canter around the round pen, he can cart me around the sand arena at a walk for 6 minutes (which is how long I stayed on).

Then after those 6 minutes of non-excitement, I hopped on S for a bareback hack around the farm.


I’ve been back riding S for the last 2 weeks and he’s been super. After fighting (or playing…with S, who knows?) with a copper head and needing lots of time off to heal, he lost a lot of weight and muscle, but he’s packing it back on and feeling great.


He’s for sale, if you know anyone looking for a solid, safe horse! I’m pretty sure he wants to event.

S’s first event at BN, where he KILLED it

And then Saturday….oh Saturday.


I hopped on P for a few minutes. Then did a dressage ride with S.

Finishing with a quick visit to P

And then…C arrived!

The C who could treats BN fences like speed bumps

Came off the trailer after a 6 hour ride, blinked a few times and walked to his new pasture like he’d lived there forever.

Why u staring at me? I haz grass to eat

Later I brought him into his new stall, and he immediately chowed right down.


He’s got some scratches on his hind legs, as his home was hit hard by all the rain and is quite muddy, but some Coat Defense will clear those right up.


Then after 8 hours at the barn, Husband and I went out to hang with some friends. I’ve been sorely lacking the in the social life department lately. Because…horses. Duh.

Love this guy who’s been cool about me paying for 2 horses

And among 6 of us, ordered 60 tacos. I wasn’t sure what the rest of my friends would eat…

Hugging tacos makes me happy

So the next morning, having gained about 15 lbs, I went out and rode S and then C. C and I just did a 20 minute light w/t/c ride, and finished with a hack around the farm so he could get to know his new digs.

C will become quite familiar with this hill in the near future

And ended our ride with a trip past P, who by now is used to seeing me on S but had no idea what to think of his bay replacement.

P: Who dis? Me: Your foster bro because you’re an idiot P: Oh. Right.

Then after that, I went home and Husband had added C to my Wall of Winning in our library.


C will spend the foreseeable future gaining a little bit of weight and building some muscle, then will hopefully be good to go for a spring debut!


7 thoughts on “Foster Brother”

  1. Yeah that’s basically what I’ve done with Amber lol! If she’s sound for light turnout, which includes trotting and the occasional running, then she can have a saddle on and we can walk lol.
    It’s awesome you get to play with so many horses! I do agree it’s exhausting, but hey tacos make everything better 😛 I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures with the 3 Musketeers! Or maybe Broketeers? lololol Sounds like broke to tears instead of bros in arms haha! I’m sorry. My coffee just kicked in LOL


  2. aw i ❤ that wall of winning, tho!! yay for C finally arriving, hope you guys have a blast getting to know each other and do all the things!! and even more YAY for a SOUND P!!!! 😀


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