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Surprise Foot Hole Re-Check

Yesterday I went out to the barn for P’s daily bandage change. But when I cut through the vet wrap and duct tape, half of his uber special shoe flopped down.

Literally my face when I realized the shoe was no longer attached

So after BO’s husband and I removed the entire shoe…

BO calls us the “Farrier Dream Team” because we suck at farrier-y things

…I wrapped his stupid shoeless foot and might have gleaned the tiniest bit of pleasure in his obvious soreness walking back to his stall.

Definitely won’t be doing this today

And P’s just plain old out of luck,  because AGF (Almighty Genius Farrier) had already told BO (who has a horse with a loose shoe) that he was booked solid this week. I do have a text in to him, offering to trailer P to him, but I’m also feeling fairly cold-hearted ATM.








So I went home and got in the shower with Old Faithful.

Luckily we have a bench and grab bars in the shower


The vet came out earlier today on an emergency call for another horse at the barn, so while she was out and P was barefoot, I had her look at P’s foot, even though she and AGF weren’t supposed to come back until April 1st to re-check and reset the shoe.

March 4th
March 20th

All the soft tissue has gone back to the way it should be, which was great to hear. As the hoof sole and wall grow out, it will cover up what you can see, but there’s no more inflammation.

March 4th
March 20th

She was surprised at how much growth has occurred in such a short period of time(maybe the Wunderhoof stuff actually works?) and said he should be back in work sooner than we thought.  She said we can skip the re-check on the 1st and just wait another 4 weeks, so that at least saves me some $$.

Now, here’s hoping AGF is able to squeeze P in to get a shoe back on! Until that happens, he’s BACK in the round pen, walking like he’s about to die.


30 thoughts on “Surprise Foot Hole Re-Check”

    1. I really thought it’d take forever for the thing to grow out! He’s been getting Double Strength Farrier’s Formula in his feed, the hoof coated in WunderHoof daily, and then Keratex brushed on every other day. Maybe it’s all working!

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    1. the only thing more genius would be an iv hooked up to drip wine in you while you showered LOL I don’t put this past you KC! Glad he is growing his foot out. What a bad P otherwise:)


  1. Damn horse. A wine glass in the shower would scare the shit out of me – mainly because I am clumsy. But at my old place I had a great surface out of the water that a cold beer could sit and I recently saw a like shower beer caddy that looked amazing. Beer in the shower is great.. now if only I could figure out a way I could drink and drive a the same time without crashing or getting in trouble.. (kidding – though not I always used to say my commute would be more fun for me if i could drink but then I’d be dead womp womp)


    1. Bahaha, yes, commuting is the worst (and I’m not even in CA where you guys take it to a whole ‘nother level), so a safe way to drink and drive would be appreciated 😂😂


  2. That Steve Carell meme is the most accurate thing ever. I’m with you on minimal sympathy for P at this point lol. Hooligan needs to chill the F out for a bit and continue to grow that sucker.


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