Horse Life

Lying McLiar Face

Yes, THIS face

For the first time since August 2018, P is finally back in a pasture. When he was first cleared from stall rest in January, the pastures were so wet that P was assigned to the round pen, lest he slip in the wet grass/mud and reinjure his tendon. Then he tore half his foot off, went back into the stall for 7 days, and then was back in the round pen.


But BO and I figured this was as good a time as any to get P out into a small pasture, as he’d likely be sore enough thanks to The Foot Hole, and wouldn’t be so inclined to tear around.

Day 1: GRASS

Which was true. For, ya know, a couple days.

Day 5: All weight on The Foot Hole

So with one grey TB back in action…

Looking at the faker through some S ears!

…I’m thinking P can handle a few laps of walking under saddle in the arena.





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