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And Now We Wait…

WARNING: Some pictures in this post are disgusting.

Both vet and farrier came out yesterday to do x-rays and see if a shoe could get put back on P’s broken foot.

Yum yum

He walked out of the stall much better than when he went into it a week ago (he hasn’t left it at all and was getting his bandage changes in there), which was a relief, and the vet unwrapped his foot to take a look.


Barf. The white grainy stuff is a mixture of MSM/sugar, just FYI. The good news is that the pack, bandage, and SMZs have been doing their job in keeping infection away.

Then the vet took x-rays and I held my breath.


The x-ray showed that no bone was damaged in P’s wild crosstie escapade, which makes his prognosis excellent. The laminae is a little inflamed, which is to be expected, so I’m to continue with the betadine/sugar/MSM applications under his wrap.

Then it was time to see if a shoe could get back on there to help relieve some pressure.

Dream Team

And after going back and forth with the farrier, who will from now on be referred to as Almighty Genius Farrier (AGF) because he rocks, AGF was able to fashion and attach a shoe to what’s left of the hoof.


You could clearly see the relief on P’s face when he found he was able to put weight on that leg for the first time in 7 days. The vet and AGF watched him walk up and down the barn aisle and the difference was immediate.

So P will remain on SMZs, bute, and daily bandage changes. He *should* be able to go out in a small paddock or the round pen in the next couple of days. I actually had to ace him after AGF/vet left, because he was like, “Uhhh, no thanks, I’m actually fine now” when I put him back in his stall. BO joked that we should take off the shoe, but I already paid for that sucker, so I said she could just kick the hole if he gets out of line. And I’m only half-kidding, if we’re being honest.


I’m really not looking forward to changing the bandage from here on out, though. Before, I did it from the bottom of the foot and never made direct eye contact with the exposed soft tissue. Now I have to go through the front and pull the pads through the hole. Which makes me want to gag just thinking about it. Thanks, P.

At least this is healing up

The vet/AGF will come back out in 4 weeks to do another set of x-rays and reset his special shoe. So in the meantime…we, uh, wait, I guess.

Not going to lie…I was so nervous to put him back in cross-ties, given what happened the last time he was in here
But spring is on it’s way so cross-tying is sort of necessary, I guess

As for a new ride, I’m still sort of in limbo. Trainer B wants me to try out this one horse that’s semi-local to me, so that will be happening this coming weekend, weather permitting. Otherwise the tentative plan (work permitting, this time) is to head back to VA at the end of March to catch ride my friend’s horse, C,  in the MDHT Starter Trials at BN, and then bring him home with me. C is the horse I rode when I visited a couple weeks ago, and I really enjoyed him.

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I can be found stuffing betadine soaked pads through the hole in my horse’s foot, while furiously rubbing WunderHoof all over what’s left of it and shoving Farrier’s Formula Double Strength pellets down his throat.

Me to P for the rest of his life



31 thoughts on “And Now We Wait…”

  1. ok so i’ve been eagerly awaiting this post – that type of farriery is FASCINATING to me. but ugh, what a gnarly hoof 😦 for some reason i guess i figured they’d patch it up with epoxy or something, but seeing all that exposed tissue makes it pretty clear why they didn’t. i’m so relieved for you that there’s no damage to the coffin bone, hopefully you can keep it all clear from infection and get P back on track asap!! i’ve heard of using sugar and betadine (just tried it myself for the first time, actually!) but never thought about adding MSM to the mix. hopefully it works!!

    in the meantime, entries close friday, lmk what you decide on!!!! 😉


    1. The vet recommended the MSM- I’d never heard of it either! And then the sugar of course to help dry things out. They had discussed patching it with some putty, but the tissue needs to shrink a bit more and have an eye kept on it to watch for infection. So…yay 🤦‍♀️

      I talked to my friend today and she hasn’t entered yet, so I’ll let you know when she does! 🤞🤞


  2. Wow your farrier IS a genius! I’m glad y’all were able to get a shoe back on what was left. You’re doing a really excellent job taking care of it, and the x-ray looks great too. So that’s good! Heal up fast, foot!


  3. OMG I’m so happy his coffin bone is okay! As difficult as the rest is, I’m sure you’re relieved too! That bandaging process sounds pretty complicated, so I don’t envy you that. Fingers crossed that showing/taking C back with you works seamlessly. Again, big hugs to you ❤ I understand the waiting game lol.


    1. I asked her how she could ride a not gray horse? I think the horse might turn gray if she rides it??

      AND i saw the photos and can’t look again. Gag. Better you than me tho I am glad they figured out a game plan. Dont mind me I am over in the corner skeeving out over the giant hole in his hoof. EGADS i am such a wimp. You my friend are hardcore KC 🙂


      1. I’m so not hardcore, as evidenced today by my consistent gagging until BO came to the rescue 😂😂😂

        And omg, if C arrives as a bay and leaves as a gray I’m totally giving up on horses 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Dude. Crazy hole. Super impressive farrier work. My inner nerd is really fascinated by all of it and really happy to hear the great prognosis for healing.


    1. The farrier is a genius. After P tried to kill him I was so worried he’d drop us as clients but he seems to be more fine with P than I am at the moment 😂😂


  5. Blarg. That’s a big hole. So so so glad his bone is not involved and a shoe could be put back on. I hope the ride on C happens and you get a much needed break from rehabbing and get back to competing and riding


  6. Wow, this is both disgusting and fascinating. I’m so happy to hear that there shouldn’t be any lasting damage! And that you have some options to stay in the saddle while P heals AGAIN.

    In the meantime, maybe just go for one of those wine subscription boxes? Haha


  7. I’m super impressed that AGF was able to get a shoe on him. That’s definitely a good thing. Also not having any bone damage is a good thing. It does look a little gross to deal with but I’m so glad that there is a plan and hope for actual healing. Hopefully you get a ride soon so that you can continue having riding time while P rests and thinks about what he did.


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