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Thanks Y’all

Seriously- thanks so much for all the comments I got on the last post. I read each and every single one, but really just couldn’t even respond to any of them. The whole thing just majorly sucks. I also really appreciate all the texts I got. This community is the best.

I took a 4 day weekend trip to Nashville for a friend’s bachelorette party, and one of the boarders so generously changed P’s bandage daily. I felt guilty leaving, but have had my plane ticket since September so wasn’t going to miss it. It was definitely a good break from agonizing over his stupid foot nonstop.

The highlight definitely being GOAT YOGA. This little guy is 4 weeks old and the biggest snuggler ever. Husband is lucky American Airlines doesn’t allow goats on planes.
The 5 seconds I attempted to participate in the yoga part and Logan was still trying to snuggle. OMG.

And Husband was awesome and let me talk to P via FaceTime. Because…that’s not weird, right?


I did see him yesterday and he’s still incredibly sore. The upside of his not wanting to move is he’s super quiet in his stall (and for once his stall isn’t a total disaster…silver lining?), the downside is the boredom must be unfathomable. So we do little things like stick pieces of apple in his bucket to keep him entertained.


The vet and farrier are coming today as a team- P’s foot will get some x-rays and hopefully there will be some sort of shoe put on to support his foot more evenly and take some pressure off the injured area while the rest of it grows back.

After that is anyone’s guess. UGH HORSES.


21 thoughts on “Thanks Y’all”

  1. OMG that goat yoga looks so adorable ❤ I'm so glad that P is at least not moving around too much? I'm so sorry that it happened tho. Hopefully the vet and farrier can help him out with a shoe or something. Many hugs to you ❤


  2. I am so sorry this happened. I’m sendig positive vibes it’s not that bad and will heal easily. Now he will just have extra time off to ensure the original injury is really healed. Hang in there.


  3. ugh P…. i still can’t believe he did this tho. but this too shall pass. and plz take a zillion pictures from his shoeing appt!! hopefully they’ve got some cool solution to help him stay comfortable while he recovers!


    1. It was in a studio so everyone had yoga mats and there were just a bunch of baby goats running around in PJs and costumes! They’d hop on your back randomly and we did some poses (like “tree,” I think it’s called) while holding them. I didn’t really partake because I was too busy snuggling Logan 😂😂


  4. Baby goats are so cute.

    Hang in there with the P injury. Hopefully his vet and farrier can figure something out to give him some more support and he just needs time to grow the hoof out again.


  5. I think getting a break from a situation, if just for a little bit, can do wonders (even being hard also). Especially with such cute little companions! I’ll be cheering for the whole team today 🙂


      1. Awww thanks! I really did feel guilty about leaving but at the same time, it wasn’t like his suspensory rehab and it’s not like I’m the only one in the world who can bandage a hoof 😂

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