And Back in the Stall We Go…

I almost have no words for this post. Yesterday P had a farrier appt to get the egg bar shoes off his hinds and get back into regular shoes, and when I brought him inside, he seemed a touch antsy. I thought about asking the farrier if he could get someone else done first and I’d take P down to the arena and walk or lunge him, but then thought, “Nah, he’ll be fine.”


At the same time I was pushing those thoughts down, BO was thinking maybe she should’ve sedated him. But like me thought, “Nah, he’ll be fine.”

And simultaneously the farrier was thinking of asking one of us to hold P because he seemed a little off, but also went with the thought of the day: “Nah, he’ll be fine.”

Well, he wasn’t fine.

He had his right front up on the farrier stand and the farrier was filing down his foot with the rasp. Ya know, typical farrier-y stuff. I was around the corner when BO and I heard a crash, but from the farrier said, he either lost his balance or spooked (or both) and then he panicked. And panicked some more. I’ve owned him for just about 5 years and I’ve legit never seen him like that.

When I finally got close to him and put the lead around his neck (his head had raw marks from the halter), BO suddenly asked, “Where’s the blood coming from?” I looked down and I’m not even exaggerating when I say there was a river of blood heading for the drain in the wash stall. I looked at his legs, all seemed fine, until I glanced at his foot.

This is no longer attached to him

What we think happened was the initial loss of balance/spook caused the injury and the pain from that is what caused the rest of the insanity that ensued. The chunk was recovered in a nearby stall, which meant the sucker FLEW.

BO and the farrier started wrapping like crazy, and by the time the vet arrived an hour later, had so many layers (because blood kept soaking through), he had a 6″ platform going.


The vet looked in the hole (barf) and said nothing was in there and it didn’t look like any bone was affected but she didn’t have her x-ray machine (she was coming to the barn to do acupuncture and no other vets were available) so of course isn’t 100% sure.

So P is back in his stall, on SMZs and bute, with a heavy duty bandaging job, for a week until the vet and farrier come back out next Monday to x-ray and see if he can be fitted with some sort of shoe to support the foot while the hole grows back.

And looking at another 3 months off.

To say I’m angry at the world might be a little bit of an understatement. I spent the last 6 months meticulously rehabbing this horse and exactly 4 days before he can take his first little jump since July, he pulls this. Is he a horse and these things happen? Yes. Logically I know this, but I’m still so frustrated I could cry (and cry I have…literally all day yesterday).

Me all day

Luckily I have some amazing friends. One offered to let me free lease the horse I spent last weekend riding.

He’s pretty awesome

And one is boarding a horse at her private farm for her student who’s off at college and the mare needs a job.


And of course BO, who along with the farrier, deserve all the gold stars in the world for their quick work getting P wrapped and the vet on the road. BO said she would make room for an additional horse if I wanted to bring one in (she’s technically full), and I can’t thank her enough.


So I did some preliminary budgeting and talking with Husband (who also deserves an award for rushing to the barn from work to let me rant and cry while we waited for the vet) and think I can swing it.


In the meantime, I can be found slaving away at work so I can continue to afford to be able to keep my horse in a stall for yet another undetermined amount of time.

35 thoughts on “And Back in the Stall We Go…”

  1. Omg WAT?!? Holy crap that is insane and terrifyingly gruesome ugh 😦 I’m so so sorry and seriously hope he heals up quickly and without complication. Glad you have other riding options but damn. What gives, P?!?


  2. Oh KC, I’m so sorry 😦 I know he isn’t your style or fancy or anything, but I’m not doing a lot of riding this spring due to stuff and things and I’d be happy to bring H’Appy up for you to have for a few months to have something to play with. He really is a fun guy to ride and doesn’t do anything dirty, so if the other offers aren’t working out for you, you can have him no strings attached free lease style until P is up and running again.


    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m crying for you!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      You are more than welcome to come ride Chimi whenever you want and if we can coordinate a lesson that’d be fine too! Or Finn, he’s a little pocket rocket and super fun to ride! Or hell just come trail riding and I’ll put you on one of them and we can have a good time and let your worries go elsewhere for a bit!


  3. Oh no… Horses are absolute heart breakers. How is it that the horse that lets you flop around on him in a dinosaur suit would freak out about a routine farrier visit? UGH I’m glad you have an amazing support team around you, and fingers crossed that they come up with some great solution.

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  4. So much sympathy. Batt tore off at least 3/4 of his hind hoof in a pasture incident as a green broke 2 year old… Thankfully it doesn’t look like P lost anywhere near as much. I’ve had a lot of luck with biotin/flax/MSM (all fed separately vs a hood supplement) for speeding up hoof growth (since Batt lost so much hoof, I still deal with issues 13+ years later thanks to scar tissue that basically holds his hoof together). Anyway, I can’t feed flax anymore thanks to it being a culprit for Batt’s impaction colics, but the combo definitely helped that hoof a lot.

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  5. oh my god, i’m so, so sorry. He’ll be okay, the foot will grow back, and this is WAY easier to fix than a soft tissue.

    But oh my god, I’m so sorry. Cry all you want. I recommend halo top ice cream, better bang for you calorie buck. just let it sit out for 5-10 minutes before you shovel the whole thing in your mouth.

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  6. Why do horses gotta horse so bad?! I would have been having a complete sobbing mental breakdown purely out of frustration. I’m sooooo sorry for you, but hopefully you’ll be getting some good rides in on other horses regardless!


  7. Holy shit that is some serious suckage. I’m so sorry KC. That just really suck. And poor P. He was so happy to get out and be working again. WTF world? Can’t you just let the lady and her horse jump again?!


  8. OMGOMGOMG! The pic of the remainder of the hoof made me nauseous (and I’m not even squeamish) — I am SO sorry you (and P) are going through this. fingers crossed the healing process goes smoothly for you guys. I’m so glad you’ve figured a way to stay in the saddle.


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