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Help Needed….ASAP

So yesterday this happened:

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention for 0.02 seconds and your horse steps on a rein 😦


No fixing that mess

And there’s no replacing just the piece because naturally it’s the strap that’s attached to the browband. Because OF COURSE.


So I hopped on Lund’s website to order a new one and….


With the same message showing for every horse size snaffle bridle. I emailed them to see when they were expected back in stock, but, well, I sort of need a bridle NOW. The only other bridle I have is P’s XC bridle. Because it’s only used for XC, it has the gag on it and I can’t find the regular cheek pieces to attach his regular bit to it. So we may be doing our trot sets today in a gag #FAIL

I really need to order one today, as I’m going out of town for the weekend (to ride horses in VA!) and when I get back, don’t want P to have even more days off. SO HELP ME.


I’m torn between two worlds right now. On one hand, I could just order a cheap-ish bridle from SmartPak until I can replace the Lund one (because I do love the Lund), OR I could fulfill an old wish and get the PS of Sweden High Jump bridle that I’ve sort of drooled over forever.


But I have some concerns with the P.S. of Sweden- first, I have no idea what size to order. P wears a regular horse size in the Lund, but I did need to punch some holes in the noseband in order to make it fit. Also, can I even event in the thing without a throatlatch? Or would I need to buy one? Will the swooped browband look totally stupid on P? How do you even put that thing together?


Then there’s the color thing. On the PS of Sweden website, it looks like a normal chocolate brown that would match well with my Voltaire saddle.


But when I went on the Farmhouse website (since it’s more local than, ya know, SWEDEN), and clicked brown, THIS picture popped up.


If anyone has the PS of Sweden bridle, do you love it and think it’s worth the price tag? Any other brands you think are must-haves to check out? Once I find something that works, I tend not to deviate, but I also don’t want to order a product on backorder and be waiting a long time so if I’m going to experiment…the time is NOW. Besides good leather, my only requirement is that it NOT have a fixed tab for a flash.


34 thoughts on “Help Needed….ASAP”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about the PS bridles… mostly leaning towards their quality going downhill over the last few years. I’ve always been happy with nunn finer bridles.


  2. Check out Divoza, they have a 25% off coupon right now on their front page and have tons of options. Plus the stuff gets here in like two days.

    But also, get that fixed! Take it to a leather worker and they should easily be able to fix it.


  3. ha you got my million and one texts already. Just let me know if you want to borrow one of mine till you get the one you want 😉 and I loved PS Swedens but honestly as I told you sold both of them. I think they tend to be overpriced for what leather they use. I do love Eponia as I told you. But really it comes down to what sings to your heart!! And what isnt on backorder 😉 HA!


  4. ooooh these are kinda the best problems to have 😀 except, damn, what on earth happened to your poor bridle??

    i’m kinda the worst at this stuff bc i basically don’t buy anything new. i love my PS bridle, but it’s black so i’m no help on shades of brown. if you do go that route tho, charlie wears my cob-sized bridle alllllmost just fine haha. like it’s a touch small for him, but it fits. so, my guess is P would fit a cob too. esp considering, this bridle was kinda big on izzy and ended up often looking a little too bulky on her.


    1. It was totally my fault- I was standing next to him texting and he must’ve gotten a sudden itch but stepped on the rein 🤦‍♀️ I’m an idiot.

      I’m awful at stuff like that talk because once I find something that works I don’t deviate. I did end up buying Megan’s PS that she said fit Runkle, who was more cob than horse sized so I’m excited to get it!


  5. I started reading your post and was like “She should get the Lund bridle, I LOVE mine” and then I kept reading…
    I love my Passier bridle. I got the Passier Blu series and it is totally reasonably priced and the leather is quite nice. I love the look of the Eponia but can’t speak to it’s quality.
    I personally think PS of Sweden is maybe a bit overpriced.. but just my two cents….


    1. I LOVE Lund. I ended up buying Megan’s PS because same…the price of a new one is a LOT. Then of course right after I sent her the money, Lund contacted me back 😂😂


  6. So I can’t comment on US Eventing legalities but you can compete in anatomical bridles in Australia (like the Mickleham).

    Personally I wouldn’t go the PS, because aside from the obvious size/colour dilemma I have heard the quality just is not worth the money they’re asking of you.

    There are so many brands I could recommend but I don’t know if they are available over there. Dy’on bridles? They do an anatomical cut and have heard good things about them.


    1. I bought the PS from another blogger because yeah, the price of a new one was just too much for the mixed reviews I’ve heard. Then Lund contacted me back- so I may be getting another one of those! Dy’on has amazing bridles but holy CRAP at the cost!

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  7. I have the High Jump and have used it for years and have been happy with it. I don’t know about Farmhouse but the only brown PS offers now is the darker chocolate brown. The chestnut from their website isn’t available anymore so I think you are safe there.

    As far as Eventing in it, you are fine I’m recognized shows for the jumping phases in it without the throatlatch. And checking the stupidly annoying hard to navigate rule book it looks like it’s legal for dressage with the throatlatch.

    I’ve been impressed with the Eponia bridles/leather and I use a Sabre bridle for showing which I love. Hope that helps 🙂 Good luck!


    1. Awesome thanks! I ended up buying the PS from another blogger so I’m excited to get it! I’ll def be getting a throatlatch though to make it dressage legal.

      I’ve also heard super things about Eponia and if the PS doesn’t fit P, really want to try out the 2-in-1 bridle!


  8. For the PS of Sweden, mine is a really dark brown. But I did order it from Sweden. And you can customize. For the style Amber has, she wears the 3+ headpiece, cob cheek pieces, cob noseband with full-size pullback strap and a regular browband LOL It’s just now I think the shipping has extended to a week instead of their 2 day shipping from before.
    Honestly tho (as you know) Amber is not needing bridles, so if you’d like to borrow mine I’d be more than happy to let you! It’s the Lund eventer series as well, and a full-size. I’d just have to find my regular browband cause I’ve got her DJD one on it at the moment lol


    1. Thanks!! I ended up buying the PS from Megan and it gets here Tuesday so fingers crossed it fits! And of course Lund contacted me back after I bought it so I may have another bridle on the way as well 😂😂


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