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Riding Healed P has been completely different than riding Rehabbing P. To the outsider, though, everything probably looks about the same: we still mostly trot in straight lines, we still walk a lot, but I feel a lot more confident in the saddle- like I’m not going to break him should I make any sudden movements.

Me during rehab rides

And the other night, we attempted this for the first time in forever:

So exciting, right? No? Well, it was to me. It’s the little things right now. Just humor me.

I’m doing a lot more work in two-point and, for the first time in months, put my stirrups up to jump length and my legs definitely felt the effects.

When you match, you take pictures
Our horses quickly grew tired of us

Definitely a big difference is that he’s no longer sedated for turnout or riding. While he was never drugged out of his mind or anything, I was never comfortable on him while he was “under the influence.” Now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming, aka, seeing how much he’ll put up with me. Like so:

P: “Uh, wut?”
“This is new.”

“Fine, hooman.”

“Why me?”

And he’s trying to spread the love and desensitize others as well. BO caught this video while she was trying to work with a horse who was nervous about trailer loading- P thought he’d be super helpful and bounce his ball repeatedly next to the trailer. Always so thoughtful.

While I wish more mind-blowing things were happening, I’ll take the trot poles and the shenanigans for now. T-16 days until we have lift-off again!

Hopefully we can have a little less overachieving going on.

22 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. I am dying laughing at him bouncing the ball. Um P not needed (Plus Remus would have been ON TOP OF THE TRAILER if P did that while he was around HA HAHA)

    glad you are back riding!


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