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Cut Loose

P had his 10 week checkup at Tryon yesterday. At this point he’s up to 5 minute trot sets, has been cantering for 4 weeks and outside for 2. So it was time to see if the tendon has been able to handle it.

Actual picture of me before P’s appointment

Dr. H stayed very quiet during the ultrasound and it took all my self control to keep my own self the same. Then he stood up and said, “This is my favorite part.”


We went back through P’s original scans and he showed me each view then compared to now.

August 30th. All that black inside the red circle is BAD
January 31st. The white is scar tissue and it all healed in PERFECT alignment. Dr. H:” You don’t get better than this.”
August 30th. That black spot in red was BAD. Dr. H said this was the view where it looked the worst, like “Pac Man had come and taken a big bite out of it.”
January 31st. Dr. H’s exact words were, “You can’t even really see where it was. I’d have a hard time knowing it was ever there if I wasn’t looking for it.”



Which means rehab is officially DONE. FINITO. Now comes conditioning!

Bring back dat booty!

So for the next 30 days, P has trot sets every other day, first 6 minutes than 7 minutes, with 2 minutes in-between. And on non-trot set days, he is cleared for full flat work: transitions, lateral work, trot poles, etc. And when the mud dries up, he can go on trails and do hill work.

So what comes next after 30 days? JOMPIES!

Maybe this should be our first jump back? I KID

Starting with a cross-rail on a straight approach and a straight landing, then adding in more jumps (gymnastics), then re-introducing large turns before anything crazy like rollbacks.

None of this juuu-uust yet

He wants a picture of P at his first event back, which I took as my official “You-Don’t-Actually-Need-To-Retire-Him” blessing.

Thank goodness because this is FUN

We’re coming back!



43 thoughts on “Cut Loose”

  1. haha you sure you just don’t want to stick with walking? I mean how much fun it was?? HA HA HA Congrats you did a great job rehabbing him without ruining your liver drinking too much :)Now for fun! YAY


  2. OMG I literally got goose bumps reading this! I cannot even tell you how excited I am for you and P!!!! And honestly, what perfect timing! Who wants to be riding in January? But February?? YES!!
    Yay yay yay! This totally made my day!

    Liked by 1 person




  4. OMG YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! All the stress and tedious hand walking was so worth it!!! Look how fabulously he healed! Those are some nice ultrasounds. XD I can’t wait to see you guys jumping the crazy stuff again.


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