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Weekend Fun

This was the first dry(ish) weekend that I can remember in a long time, so naturally it was ALL spent at the barn.

Saturday I spent the ride time re-installing the half-halt on P. Thanks to some (expected) weakness, he either trots like a bat out of hell or he stops. It was nice to ride with some purpose for once! It was also the first time he’s been ridden with NO ace in his system and he was a rockstar. Being outside has completely made all the difference.

Totally more fun to ride with friends, too

Then I spent a good hour designing and creating a new jump course for, well, everyone else to enjoy.

Though no one was too happy with my jump heights and they all eventually got lowered. Still was good to know I still see 2’6″ and 3′ as the same thing for when I get back to jumping

The arena at the barn is amazing. Perfect footing no matter how much rain gets dumped on it, and the owners are meticulous about watering and dragging it. Even though I’m dying to ride outside again, I’m incredibly thankful I still get to ride at all, thanks to this place.

My jump course! And a gymnastics on the side. I spot a grey stalker in the top right corner

Sunday I went out and played jump crew/instructor for BO and got to experience the joy of yelling, “GO FASTER” repeatedly. And then I got to see, from the non-riding perspective, how much of a difference a more forward canter really does make. Gave me more of an appreciation for Trainer B, since the poor guy has probably yelled that at me 2 zillionty times.

Riding on my own…
Versus when I know I’m being watched

Then everyone else was done riding and I was facing a rehab session alone in the arena. The time whips by when I’m riding with others, but draaaaags on when I’m alone. So I brought an old friend with me.

And P was all, “Hey, I know you!” and nuzzled it

P hasn’t seen T-Rex since June of last year, so I figured this would be the perfect time. No sedation, it was cold and windy, plus BO, her husband, my husband, and her father-in-law were cutting down a huge tree just right up the driveway from the arena. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Husband had a blast helping cut down this massive beast

So I pulled out the suit and put it on in front of P, to see how he’d react and…

I ended up not getting on him in the end. While P was fine with the suit, S (who was in the pasture across from the arena) was definitely not ok with it- there was much running, bucking, and snorting and I didn’t want to be in a precarious situation, should P choose to be persuaded to follow suit. He probably would’ve been just fine, based on how he was when I took off the suit and hopped on, but still, it was only day 2 of no sedation.

It was phenomenal to see that the old P was still in there- undeterred by blowup suits, disappearing humans, all during the chaos of huge tree branches falling which was causing other horses to take off. I definitely think he can remain unsedated for rehab from now on.


He goes back this Thursday for his 10 week re-check, and we’ll see what’s in store for us after that!


20 thoughts on “Weekend Fun”

  1. Can i send you remus to desensitize? Please? Cause I think he would have had a stroke to see the Trex since a damn bird scares him now. UGH i dont look forward to jumping him in a field anytime soon (BUT IT WONT HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON so ther is that) HA!

    Good old P….what a good boy!! And that arena is lovely. I actually stopped short reading your blog when I saw a chestnut i really thought there were only grays at your barn HA!!

    Glad you had some dry weather. And so glad P is being such a good boy…and i envy your ring even if the jump sizes made me hide behind my hands 🙂 HA!


    1. Send me Remus! I’ll take care of his spookiness 😂😂 Clearly I need to do some with work with S- the more the merrier!

      There’s one chestnut, two bay, 3 paints, and 4 grays 😂

      You’re not the only one who hid from the jump heights. They’re all down to cross rails and tiny verticals now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Go P go! Love his brain!
    Also, that faster canter is scary. I hated it on Georgie but man what a difference it made! If I could get her uphill and in an impulsive canter we were unbeatable. That happened like, once.


    1. It’s so funny because I would FEEL like we were going super fast, but then I’d see video and be all, “Aaahhh I see what he’s saying now. We’re slugs.” So it was interesting being on the other side (on the ground), and seeing how it really does work!

      Once is better than never! I don’t think you’ll have that issue with June 😂😂


  3. That picture of P nuzzling the T Rex…so cute! Do you know what footing is in the arena? My arena is driving me crazy and if I don’t do something with it soon, I’m going to just throw grass seed down and make it a grass arena.


    1. I’ll ask BO how they did their arena. Her husband did it himself and I know there’s some black stuff on the bottom and then I think sand on top. I’ll get specifics though and let you know!


  4. oooooh wanna come build courses and set fences for us?!? it’s a much smaller space indoors but lort knows chuck needs all the help he can get lol! and yay for riding with no ace!!!!! small steps, yo! 😀


      1. oh awesome!!! i love the idea of stadium design, but feel like i don’t have all the tools to be very creative yet haha. like everything i set kinda ends up looking a bit like a hunter course lol.


  5. Soooo once Chimi is back in action do you want to ride him for me??? He’ll teach you all about going faster b/c the majority of the time I’m trying to slow him down b/c we’re going to fast!! Hahaha! And love your barn- seriously everything about it is perfect. You really found a gem of a facility!!!


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