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2018 Cost Recap

Because I love torturing myself, for the last couple years I’ve broken down my annual expenses. Why? NO CLUE BUT I KEEP DOING IT. So without further ado:

Boarding: $8,200

I board at an incredible facility and pay $650/month, but since P has been on stall rest for the last few months, I pay extra to help with the cost of extra bedding and hay.


Farrier: $1,680

P gets shod with steel shoes w/clips on all 4 feet every 5 weeks and my farrier is amazing. Since P’s suspensory thing, he’s had to have his hind feet in egg bar shoes but I don’t think that’s permanent.

That time he twisted his shoe (on his RH naturally) and was stepping on the clip…and it took both BO’s husband and I to get it off

Registration/Memberships: $234

This really just includes USEA and USRider annual fees.

Insurance: $804


Tack/Gear: $1,761

I actually didn’t spend too much throughout the year, and didn’t have any major purchases like a saddle, but I DID go a little nuts around Black Friday.

Such as my new tootsie wrappers

Supplements: $700

For the first half of the year P was on SmartCalm, FatCat and U-Shield. I discontinued the SmartCalm/FatCat a few months ago, but he’s stayed on the U-Shield consistently. I *did* just order MagRestore to see if it will help with his aversion to being groomed.

P when he sees a brush or the hose come out

Shows/Schooling Fees: $2,554

Last good show with P before his diagnosis

In 2018, P went to 7 shows and I took S to 2, then XC schooling 2x. This also includes stall fees/RV hookups fees, since I didn’t spend one penny on hotels (thanks to my fab trailer).

Lessons/Training Rides/Coaching: $2,775

I pay a lot of money to hear “Go faster” on a loop.

Totally kidding. Trainer B’s coaching/training/riding is worth every penny.

Trainer B’s assistant trainer, courtesy of If the Bonnet Fits

Horse Trailer Reno: $751

Another expense completely worth it. That includes all the supplies Husband needed to transform my dressing room into a fabulous mini-LQ, as well as things like the curtains, mini-fridge and lights.


Vet: $1,549

Ouch. About $1,000 of that was just diagnostics (pre-Tryon Hospital) with 2 different vets, the hock injections, etc. P was diagnosed with the suspensory injury from Tryon Equine Hospital, and they’ve done all his follow up, which has cost $3,162 so far, but thanks to insurance, after my deductible of $375 I just send them all my invoices!

Finally outside!

Truck: $8,928

As always, this isn’t strictly a horse expense, since I do use the truck for daily driving. But I *definitely* wouldn’t have this truck if I didn’t have a horse.

Even though I love my Big Dustina, youz iz expeeeensive, gurl

Total: $31,116

Compared to 2017, where I spent $43,945 (truck included), it’s an improvement but still…


24 thoughts on “2018 Cost Recap”

  1. And this is why I never add this shit up. Because my total is definitely somewhere awfully close to yours, especially if we factor in the new trailer I bought last year.

    I’ll take ignorance is bliss, thanks! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh, this is why I don’t add up yearly totals. I keep track of my monthly spending, but I think the final year end number would make me want to vomit. lol


    1. Yes- always insurance! I’m fairly certain they’re going to drop me this year though 🤷‍♀️

      And same- why do we do this? No idea. It’s like a train wreck. Can’t look away but don’t want to see 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Insurance is the best thing ever. Definitely helps me sleep better at night.

    I love the perspective posts like this provide. It makes me feel less alone in the world of “OMG WHERE DOES ALL MY MONEY GO…. Oh…” While I know about what I spend annually, I still hate adding it all up to look at it in one go. Ignorance is sort of bliss.


    1. Omg yas- insurance is fabulous. Though I’m pretty sure they’ll drop me next year 😂

      I track stuff monthly so if I have an expensive month I typically just shrug it off and think the next month will be better. Then I make the mistake of adding it all up at the end and am speechless 😂


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