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Obsessive Compulsive Planning to Not Plan. Or Something.

I’ve always been an avid planner. While I do have my spontaneous moments, you’d better appreciate each one because they’re not all that common.


My life is extra enjoyable when I get to make lists also. The more detailed, the better.

Me looking at all my completed lists

At the beginning of each year, I create a new spreadsheet with all the shows I could possibly go to that year, and then I update once every month or so as new dates get added. Schooling HTs, CTs, Jumpers, Recognized HTs…it all goes into one place. I list the location, distance from barn, costs, and note any possible conflicts.

Last updated 8/18/18…end of year options. Womp womp

So this stage of not knowing what comes next is killing me. KILLING ME, I tell you. I’m itching to make my list.


The timing of P’s injury has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s definitely not ideal to first turn your horse out after 138 days in a stall during the winter/rainy season, and I fully admit to already having nightmares about the whole shebang.

Clearly P needs my guidance to not be an idiot

But the blessing part is that for quite awhile P will be doing nothing but building fitness. Aka, long walks, lots of hacking out (which will be a welcome change from the arena), lots of boring work that just takes time.  And that boring stuff will be happening while Trainer B is down in Florida for the next couple of months, so we won’t be missing out on too many training opportunities, competitions, etc. So for that, I’m thankful.

While P does make an excellent hiking companion, I’m hoping for more saddle time


Can’t wait to return to this view…
…And build that fitness back up

After talking with Trainer B at length the other day (where I babbled on and on about drug dosages for his first turnout…might’ve mentioned getting a tranq gun, and was then reassured that yes, Dr. H actually DOES knows what he’s doing and that yes, P WILL be able to handle some trotting/cantering around a paddock. In other words, “calm yo’self”), he expects P to be cleared for more cantering/trot poles/cavaletti at his next check up at the end of this month. And his work load will only increase from there, with the expectation that P will be able to start jumping either before or right around the time he gets back.

Where I will happily hand him the reins.

They love each other. And yes, I was lounging in a chair while taping this. And it was GLORIOUS.

The last time P jumped a jump was when we had been eliminated on XC at a baby log. Second elimination on XC in 7 days. So we didn’t exactly go out on a high note.

You know your course will *definitely* go well when this is how jump #1 goes

Especially considering a short 3 weeks prior, he had nailed the Novice version of this like a boss.

Just in case you forgot what this picture looked like.

I just want his reintroduction to jumping to be as smooth as possible, and know that if I’m this neurotic about P being lazy about trotting, then there’s no telling what I’ll do to a fence. Hell, I never know what I’ll do to a fence.

And then will, in all likelihood, commission B to take P in his first horse trial back as well, since I definitely get show nerves and again, just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for P. Key difference there between Trainer B and I.

Me before dressage: ::drills myself on dressage test repeatedly. Knows test forwards, backwards, and from any point in the middle. Goes down centerline and panics about which way to turn. ::

Trainer B before dressage: Hey, is this the test where I turn left or something? Cool. ::Goes in and wins.::


Though with P soon being able to rejoin the land of the living (aka, the pasture), I maaay or may not be considering some dressage shows in the meantime.

Throwback to P’s first show ever, doing Intro B in 2015. Pretty sure this is what we’ll look like.
And maybe will be able to get back to this before long.
Though the two of us seriously need to close our mouths. I wonder how many bugs we’ve swallowed between the two of us.
Hoping we can avoid this particular move in 2019

did go ahead and sign up to volunteer this Saturday at a CT being held at Carolina Horse Park. It’s about a 2 hour drive from my house, which is why I really never volunteer, but at this point I’m sort of desperate to do anything horse-related that doesn’t include me thinking about a certain someone’s tendon.

get-out-of-my-head-300x224I hate driving but at the same time do have some catching up to do on audio books/podcasts, plus I give one hell of a live concert- maybe it won’t be so bad and I’ll be inclined to do it more often. CHP gives a $25 voucher per volunteering day, so if I can rack those up and get some good juju going, maybe the Riding Gods will smile upon me and P will actually be cleared for competing.

boys-this-plan-is-foolproofSo while I get a little green with envy while reading everyone else’s goals and plans for the upcoming year, I guess I have the tiniest bit of one myself. And I’m probably going to go ahead and make the competition list anyway. Just in case.


11 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Planning to Not Plan. Or Something.”

  1. I’m right there with ya needing to plan and pan and then look at my plans and love the excitement I get from them.
    But I’ve slowly realized horses are NOT good for planning. So now I still plan and plan and keep telling myself if it doesn’t happen, that’s ok! So, basically I lie to myself. It’s great
    I have a hunch you and P will be having a fun summer and spring after all your work this winter!


  2. Not being able to plan stuff sucks. I like imagining what happens in the future but not as clearly as you seem to do. Make sure you take a deep breath every now and then so that you don’t esplode from being limited in your planning! XD


  3. I never plan. I basically say “huh I’m feeling good and it’s Friday what schooling show can I do tomorrow? Great let’s go!” But that’s only because my life is insane and the only way I get to do anything is if it is last minute.

    P is going to be awesome. You are going to remember everything you have learned and knock the rust off. You guys are going to have a great 2019.


  4. At of all the things horses and blogging has taught me is Don’t be afraid to make lists and put that shit in writing (or the blog) yeah things sometimes don’t work out but that is life.

    So make your list girl. The worst that can happen is you rearrange or delete shit and that’s actually not a big deal.


  5. Oh man I’m with you – I need a plan and can’t really help myself lol. Sounds like a great plan for P too, now he just needs to hurry up and be ready! Have fun volunteering too 😉


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