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Needing a Post-Vacation Vacation

After 12 days off work, having family come in from Chicago, hosting Christmas at our house with family/friends, and closing on the sale of our rental home, I’m making myself post before heading off to check out what everyone else has been up to. While it was great to stay home this year (usually we go to Chicago for Christmas), it was almost as exhausting to stay home! Husband and I started off looking like this:


But ended feeling like this:

#holidayfeelings courtesy of the Tiniest Dictator

And speaking of the Tiniest Dictator, one of my favorite moments of the last few weeks was his first official riding lesson! Due to P’s current state of unpredictability, he hasn’t been able to ride him for the past couple months…which angers the T.D. greatly. So BO put him on the World’s Biggest But Gentlest Lesson Angel and gave him a lunge lesson. And it was ADORABLE.



Disclaimer: The T.D. is a strange child who, if Husband or I are around, will typically not speak to anyone, including BO. So we hid up at the barn to watch/take videos so that he would actually acknowledge BO’s presence.

Balancing exercises at the walk (methinks I need to do this!):

And a little trot:

The next day he came out with me to the barn and when I started getting P tacked up he goes, “Which horse am I riding?”

He got a riding helmet for Christmas and now demands to ride every day. So it begins.

He’ll probably reach Training level before I do.


P is still doing alright. He is currently going through a phase where he pretends he has no idea what contact is and spends our walk times trying to drag the reins through my hands #stallrestproblems Normally I would do things like transitions or changes of direction to keep him moving properly but alas, rehabbing tendon and all. One horrible habit I’ve always had is loose/open fingers, so this at least is getting me to keep them closed.

We do our final 10 minutes in the dressage arena. Not sure this look is going to cut it when he gets back to showing.

But the other day, P just COULDN’T EVEN:

The look on my face is quite clear: If you re-injure yourself after the last 125 miserable days, I will shoot you.

No, it wasn’t a horrible spook. And it lasted all of 4 seconds. But I swear I heard tendon fibers tearing with every stride. I can still hear them. Because I’m neurotic like that at this point. But he’s fine and has trotted totally sound ever since. I swear though, my nerves can’t take this much longer.


And speaking of nerves…this afternoon will be his first day cantering (on purpose)! One whole minute every other day…exhilarating, right?

Will at least be more exciting than this

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday-here’s to 2019!

28 thoughts on “Needing a Post-Vacation Vacation”

  1. Ugh P! FOLLOW THE PROGRAM… come to think of it, I don’t think that has EVER been P’s motto. Doesn’t he know he is going to have to pack TD around BN in 5 or so years?


  2. cantering? So it is not pissing down with rain where you are cause it sure is here. ENJOY CANTERING for one minute. Actually that sounds about doable 🙂 HA HA I love TD face. I dont see any of your husband in him only you. he looks totally like a mini-you 🙂

    glad he got to have a lesson. When we getting him a pony??

    I did guffaw when you sent me that gif this week. P is never boring right?? 🙂


    1. Oh it’s been raining but luckily the arena at the barn is aaahhhh-mazing! He def resembles me more than Matt, while the older one is Matt’s mini-me.

      People keep tagging me in pony ads on FB. And I’m getting weaker…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I keep explaining it to him (because there’s nothing else to do while w/t around a ring for 35 minutes…) and clearly he has a comprehension issue 😂😂


  3. P says he was ready to canter before he was supposed to canter hahaha! And OMG TD and his new helmet!!!! SO dang cute!!!!!! ALSO I’m SO JELOUS of you’re area!!!!! No standing water???? How is that possible??? Is the rain stopping here and completely MISSING YOU?!?!?!! My ring drains really well but we’ve gotten so much damn rain that I haven’t been able to ride since b4 xmas bc everything is impossibly wet!


    1. P always thinks he knows best 🤦‍♀️ It’s been raining a ton here but the barn’s arena is AMAZING. There’s some water along a couple of the sides but the footing is super fluffy and perfect ♥️♥️♥️


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