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Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

I’ve legit been writing ONE post for the last TWO.WEEKS. Organizing the media for said post has been the death of me, so thankfully Amanda started a bloghop where I can just use pictures I already have.


Clearly 2018 has been a mixture of some pretty high highs and currently we’re making our way back up to the surface after a pretty deep low. I was struggling with how to write a recap of the year, because well, life sorta sucks all around when your horse has been on stall rest 112 days and the last 27 days are dragging on super slowly.

So without further ado…

Favorite show picture.


Show of hands- who’s surprised I chose this one? Yeah, exactly no one. Because I love it. It’s literally my profile picture for everything and has been since it was taken in June- Instagram, Facebook., this blog…even the software program my CrossFit gym uses to track members’ results. Every single CrossFit member knows I jump huge solid obstacles. They better not forget that.

Favorite non-show picture


This picture could be best described as “typical downtime.” Some people work on perfecting 20m circles or getting the correct bend. I ride my horse bareback in an inflatable dinosaur suit, while asking him to pull an arena drag.

Favorite thing you bought.



I already had the trailer, but we bought all the materials for Husband to turn the dressing room into some pretty amazing mini living quarters. It was absolutely worth all of Husband’s blood, sweat and tears.

Favorite moment on horseback.

Finishing our first Novice, no question. After staying at Starter for 2 years and having sort of a rough go of everything, I really never expected to get around Novice. I watch this snippet of the last 4 jumps nearly every day and my favorite part is how P digs in after the last jump to cross the finish line. I totes had tears in my eyes when we landed so I’m glad he found the finish line. Even if the speed was unnecessary (we had quite a few speed faults as it was).

Favorite moment out of the saddle.


When Trainer B took P around his first Novice in Virginia. P finished 6th in a huge field of 25, with lots of big name pros riding their fancy young horses. This was the second to last jump, and definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite “between the ears” picture.

Snapshot 2 (7-8-2018 10-10 PM)

This was a surprise jump for me. We were XC schooling and Trainer B told me to gallop up the hill and look for the light colored log. When I saw it, my first instinct was to ABORT MISSION. But we ended up nailing it.

Had to sneak that second picture in there as proof

Favorite horse book or article.

91OM5LEYOtLI purchased this back in 2010 when I first got back into riding as an adult. I didn’t have access to a trainer so I would highlight certain phrases and make Husband (or some other innocent bystander) stand ringside and read the highlighted parts to me while I rode. I still pick it up if I’m struggling with a concept because the imagery used in the book is amazing.

Favorite horse ridden (or groomed/cared for) aside from your own.


Of course that goes to S. When P got sidelined, S got pulled from being a pasture puff to completing his first ever horse trial (including his first time seeing an XC course that same weekend) in like 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, after some lameness post-stifle-injection-gone-wrong, he’s currently dealing with a bout of cellulitis which has landed him on stall rest along with P.

Tongue-Out Tuesday, courtesy of the Stall Rest Twins. Taking their bromance to a new level.

Favorite funny picture of your horse.


This just so perfectly captures P’s personality. He absolutely LOVES the snow. It recently snowed here and on our walks to and from the barn and arena for rehab sessions, he’d try to drag me to all the snow piles to stick his nose in.

Favorite fence that you successfully jumped or movement that you conquered.

Besides the Novice table from the picture above (I didn’t even look at it during the course walk), definitely P’s first Trakehner. You just sort of never know what’s going to happen with new fences, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Favorite horse meme or funny picture.

MemeHusband always says P is an ass. Sure, P’s a bit mouthy (not a biter, but will lip you to death) and ok, he does routinely steals Husband’s food. But Husband also does things like this to him, so I feel like they’re even.

Bring on 2019!

25 thoughts on “Bloghop: Favorites of 2018”

  1. You kicked 2018 in the butt. The end hasn’t been the best for you but he has a solid prognosis to return to full work without issue and I know you’ll be out there next year making everyone laugh and kicking butt over solid obstacles again


  2. aw so many happy memories ❤ when 2018 was going well, it was freakin GREAT for you guys!! can't wait to see what sort of domination goes down in 2019 😀 😀 😀


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