I may or not be blind.

So this AM, I’m ridding Big Dustina of a few weeks worth of accumulated trash

Shoutout to my trusty gal

And I happen upon P’s last set of discharge instructions from Tryon. Now, I feel like I’ve read and reread these a thousand times. I had to, to recap the visit a couple posts back. But as I’m walking back through the garage to stick these in the house, skimming the page…some words suddenly stuck a different nerve in my brain (or however science works)

Note the phrase “after 2 weeks of canter.”

So I went back and double checked my earlier self- and yep, these instructions call for 4 weeks of cantering before re-check.

So, was I wrong before? Could it be that P can actually begin turnout two weeks EARLIER than I originally thought?

I have a call in to Tryon, to be absolutely positive, but tell me what you see!

23 thoughts on “TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE”

  1. Yes!!! That was my understanding when you were there!!!! When do you get to start cantering? But you’re definitely headed towards the home stretch!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!! And will have the fittest horse ever from all the conditioning trot sets 😀 Basically you’re going to come out rocking!!


    1. I was so disappointed by the fact that we were still limited to trotting that I must not have paid clear enough attention. But they called back yesterday and P breaks free in 41 days!


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