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Black Friday Goodies

So…y’all are the best. For real. I know I don’t post a ton anymore (since there’s only so much you can say about walking in a circle for 30 minutes), but I teared up a bit at pretty much every encouraging comment I got on the last post. So, uh, ::looks at ground, kicks some dirt so you don’t see the red eyes:: thanks, guys.

Despite the bummer riding situation, Black Friday comes but once a year. And while you won’t catch me at the mall at 6 AM, if a local-ish tack store gives you a 40% off coupon if you’re outside in line before 8 AM? You make that happen.


A few barnmates and I caravanned about an hour away to Waxhaw Tack Exchange– a place I’d never been before. I had two things I needed- river boots and tall riding boots. The lining in one of my Dublin River Boots finally tore and my tootsies were feeling quite vulnerable handwalking P in sneakers. Another pair was needed, stat.

I really liked the Dublins because they lasted quite well. I bought them a little over two years ago and wore them A LOT. They go with everything. Even gym shorts.

Don’t be jealous of this outfit

I had tried the Ariat H20s before purchasing the Dublins, and they lasted all of 2 months, so I knew I wanted Dublins again. And this time I went for the fancy ones that seem even more durable. Here’s hoping they wear as well as the other pair did.

Just as gorgeous in person

Alas, they had zero riding boots in my size, so I took it as a sign that I was meant to go ahead and buy the EGO7s that I’ve been eying for, well, years. That brand is carried by another tack store that was going to have it’s own sale, so I figured I’d wait a few more days and buy them then.

UNTIL I got on Riding Warehouse’s website and saw that the Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots were already on sale, then marked down AGAIN with their Black Friday 25% discount. Damn it.


So those are coming to me as well. Unfortunately they only had my size in Regular height and not Tall, so we’ll see. I tried on a barnmate’s pair that was already well broken-in and they’re not as tall as I would like, but for less than half the price of the EGO7s, I feel like I can ignore the 0.75″ difference.


While I was on there, I restocked my dwindling supply of Higher Standards Leather Balm and Saddle Soap. That stuff is fantastic and the only reason why my Ariat paddock boots still look decent after 6 or so years of almost-daily use.

And because after the discount it was $17, P got a cooler.


And a new rope halter w/14 ft lead.


Then I made the mistake of hopping on Facebook. Something I really haven’t done in weeks.

This immediately greeted me:


The turquoise stirrup placed in the front was clearly a trap. The whole thing was obvi a setup, as I actually needed a new girth. This is what happens to an HDR girth when it has been used for 8 years:

P: Stop taking pictures of the damn girth and WALK ME

I had actually been gearing up to get the County Logic girth, as that’s the girth S uses and it’s soooo cushy. But with the ME girth at less than half the price, and with the promise of fancy new stirrups thrown in, I couldn’t resist. So this baby is on it’s way to me:


I got the removable liner option for the extra $10 and really hope it works for P, as our XC boots have held up remarkably well. I waffled back and forth on which color stirrups to get- turquoise is obviously our thing, BUT his ITBF bonnet for the jumping phases at competitions is purple.

In the end, I couldn’t resist the turquoise, something I’m sure surprises exactly no one.


No turquoise in sight here.

Note on Majyk Equipe’s customer service: My total for the girth came to $99.99 ($89.99 for the girth + $10 for the removable liner option), and when I went to checkout it automatically tacked on nearly $20 in shipping charges since the purchase was under $100. So I messaged them via FB to ask about the $0.01 for free shipping, but didn’t expect to hear back because it was, well, Thanksgiving day. So imagine my surprise when my phone dinged a few minutes later and it was them responding with “We’ll make a note and you won’t be charged,” message. Love customer service like that. It’s really what will get me to continue buying from a certain company.

So now I had new stirrups coming to me. Excellent. Except the fact that they’re turquoise and most competitions around here are one-day, where you go straight from SJ to XC. And at least at some venues, heading into show jumping with turquoise stirrups may be frowned upon. Ok, maybe it’s sort of an excuse to justify my next purchase, but it’s sort of the only excuse I’ve got. Anyway, without further ado:


Damn, I need another hiatus from Facebook. That place is dangerous. One of my friends has a pair of these and I just love the way they look. And I have a few friends who have their half chaps and rave about the leather. The Voltaire ones I have are just fine, but at $190, I wasn’t about to buy those again.

So….why, you might ask, would I need new stirrup leathers?

Well, here’s the way I see it. Changing over from SJ to XC for P & I already requires a pit crew. P’s not allowed to wear XC boots in SJ ever since the ONE TIME I put them on for SJ and he knocked down 3 fences. See Exhibit A:

Just casually bumping jumps because Majyk Equipe XC boots do their job a leeetle too well

Aaaaand we have to change from his Lund bridle with the Nathe bit that he uses for dressage/SJ to the figure-8 with the gag bit he needs for XC. So we don’t plow face first into jumps.

Pre-gag what I would be yelling at P the entire XC round

Soooo…why not change out stirrups as well?

ap,550x550,16x12,1,transparent,t.u2Psssttt- the above is a rhetorical question. If you have a good answer as to why I don’t need new stirrups or stirrup leathers, you will be banned from my life. I already used the above long-winded explanation with Husband and he bought it. No one better tell him differently.

So I’m super excited for everything to arrive—– so I can go walk/trot my horse.


23 thoughts on “Black Friday Goodies”

  1. if you can only walk and trot at least you can be bad ass at it 🙂 HA And I need lessons from you on convincing hubby you need all those things 😉 Cant wait to hear your reviews on the stirrups and the girth!!


  2. Hahahaha AWESOME lolol SUCH a good tack haul. I wanted those stirrups too (you will for sure need to write reviews on ALLL of this) but I can’t justify buying a girth when I don’t have a horse of my own to ride lol. Hopefully you like the MH boots! That was such a killer deal wasn’t it? Glad you got some super great stuff that you NEEDED because you really did NEED ALL OF THIS. No question 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “So I’m super excited for everything to arrive—– so I can go walk/trot my horse”

    I am crying/laughing in my office because this is 100% me.

    I just bought a bunch of riding clothes for the horse I am not riding 😐


  4. Turquoise goes well with purple- after all it’s the Charlotte Hornets’ colors so I’m always a big fan of the purple and torquoise color combo 🙂 and the Hornets were kickass in the 90’s with Muggsy Bouges and whoever else was on the team at the time soooo yes- good choice 🙂

    Oh and basically I’m having Black Friday envy of all your amazing things !!!! Good shopping!!!


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