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Light at the End of the Tunnel

The only thing that makes a 2 hour haul to Tryon for a 10 minute appointment worth it is that I get to see Bette! Oh, and the WEG-worthy vet. I guess he’s alright, too.

Tryon’s barn is legit nicer than my house

Good news: All the fiber loss is filled in, scar tissue is in place, and he’s completely sound.

Bad news: I was wrong in my assumption that this would be the checkup to determine suitability for turnout. So very wrong. Turns out Dr. H just wanted to be sure the 9 minutes of trotting wasn’t doing more harm than good, and has given the green light for…drum roll….increased trotting. For 6 more weeks.

Good news: His new trotting schedule (3 weeks of 3 sets of 4 minutes of trotting, then 3 weeks of 3 sets of 5 minutes of trotting) will bring back some fitness.

Need to get those muscles back

Bad news: Next checkup is at the end of JANUARY. So, like, a million days away.

Good news: After the 6 weeks of trotting, we get to add in the canter- 2 weeks of cantering 1 minute every other day, then 2 weeks of cantering 2 minutes every other day.

Wut iz “cantering?”

Bad news: SO BORING.

Good news: If all remains well at the end of the ten weeks, he will finally be cleared for turnout.

Where this will once more be my life

Bad news: 10 weeks is January 30th- the middle of winter when everything is wet, muddy and either frozen or soggy. Not really optimal for being turned out after SIX MONTHS in a stall.

What January looked like last year…

Good news: January 30th will be 154 days since initial diagnosis/stall rest began. We’re currently on day 89, so 58% done!

38 thoughts on “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. wow…just so many wows. it seems like forever and a day since this started…..(And I am not the one dealing with it all). I am glad he is sound but …..poor thing still on stall rest. and i would be so worried too at turnout after that many days in JANUARY!?? YIKES.

    So will you canter him the first time/? Cause if so I want video. SERIOUSLY. document this shit 🙂 HA HA HA

    glad you got good news re his soundness though!


    1. B will conveniently be heading to FL a mere two days before P is to begin cantering 🤦‍♀️ Is my life worth an 8 hour haul? Hmmmm 🤔

      And yeah, I’m already planning on camping out next to his pasture with a stun gun at the ready 😂😂

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  2. Definitely more good news than bad news! Yay! If it is any consolation whatsoever, we brought Georgie back sooooo slowly. And I look at her now and she looks so sound and happy. Granted she is sticking to 2’6 jumps but she had an actual hole in her suspensory and deserves a semi retirement after packing me around. So, point is, I think P will make a full recovery and you’ll be out there again this spring doing ALL the things. And really, who wants to ride more than what your rehab is in the winter anyway??


    1. That’s so much consolation! Dr. H thinks P will make a full recovery as well, and apparently he’s known for being cautious and a bit of a pessimist. So true about the timing- in regards to the turnout, summer would’ve been better. But in regards to riding, winter is never fun to ride in anyway


  3. I mean… slow progress is still progress. I know it feels terrible and slow and like you’re going to die of boredom, but think of the awesome baseline fitness that P will have after this, getting to gradually and slowly build back up. He’ll be fit and fabulous and ready to go!

    Plus it’s winter anyway, so like… eww.


  4. God news all around although very boring. Like everyone else has said, think of the fitness base he will have. Plus add in all that work on the basics and by the time he is cleared for full work you guy swill be all set!


  5. omgosh but soft tissue is the slowwwwwest ugh 😦 like obvi it’s such a huge relief that Pilgrim is checking off every important box right on time. but damn, it’s a long process! hang in there!!! it’ll totally be worth it when he comes out on the other side feeling like one million dollars!


  6. I can’t wait for all of this to be in your rearview mirror. Waiting is the hardest part – especially when much fun is to be had on the other side of it!


  7. 6 months is pretty good for soft tissue!!! I didn’t think you’d get cleared for turnout without cantering him first but I didn’t want to pop your joy bubble. Whatever gets you through. Runkle was back jumping and cantering before I turned him out.

    I mean, I almost died every time I rode him, but at least I was in control. ish.

    The plus side is P sounds like an exemplary patient and everything is going REALLY well and the vet is being delightfully conservative so you wont have anything to worry about!



    1. Bahaha yeah, I definitely didn’t have my hopes pinned on him being cleared for turnout right away, but was at least thinking he’d be cleared for cantering. Ah well.

      I definitely will NOT be jumping him in his current state 😂😂😂 He’s kept his sanity but I’d most likely die.


  8. At least you know you are on the right track with his rehab schedule! Not knowing is the absolute worst. Fingers crossed that rehab goes smoothly and you all are back to your awesome selves by Spring!


  9. This is all good news, even though it is going so slow for you. I am with the others who say who wants to ride a lot in the winter anyway hahaha! At least he will be coming back into work as it turns to spring, so the timing is good that way!


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