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BlogHop: 25 Questions

I’m going to make the understatement of the day here: blog content has been lacking around these parts. One gray horse is on stall rest for what seems like eternity..

Flashback to better days

Another gray horse is headed to the vet today to hopefully get some answers after coming up lame after a stifle injection:


So with both horses out of commission, another boarder approached me about riding her horse….I’ll give you one guess as to what he looks like.

This is B!

I swear I don’t seek these horses out. Really.

And thanks to friends like Michele, I may or may not be walking on eggshells around this one.


Anyway, on to the blog hop, so graciously started by The 900 Facebook Pony.

  1. Why horses? Why not a sane sport, like soccer or softball or curling?

I have absolutely no idea. I’ve been obsessed with horses since before I can remember. As a kid, my bikes were horses, sometimes I was a horse, all my toys were Grand Champions and Breyers, all my books were about horses, etc. I would even do weird things like practice my riding position on my dad’s mounted lion (his name was Harry and he was quite tolerant of my posting).


2. What was your riding “career” like as a kid?

I took lessons as a kid while my parents could afford it, then when they couldn’t, I worked at the barn to get riding time/lessons. I would work for hours cleaning tack, mucking stalls, grooming, turning out, etc, all for any scrap of riding time I could get.

Worth it.

3. If you could go back to your past and buy ONE horse, which would it be?

This one horse at the first barn I worked at named Easy. Despite his misleading name, he was a difficult horse that hated people and I got to know him while he was on stall rest from an injury he got when he ran through a fence. I was the only one he’d let come near him, so he became my patient. When he went back to work, I didn’t see him much after that, and he ended up reinjuring himself and was euthanized. I was devastated.

4. What disciplines have you participated in?


5. What disciplines do you want to participate in some day?

I’m good where I’m at. Never a shortage of things to learn in eventing!

6. Have you ever bought a horse at auction or from a rescue?

No, though I’ve always wanted to go to the pony sale at Chincoteague. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to resist if I do ever get to go.

7. What was your FIRST favorite horse breed – the one you loved most as a kid?

All I wanted was a palomino. I didn’t care about the breed- but I was convinced I needed a palomino to survive. 

8. If you could live and ride in any country in the world, where would it be?


9. Do you have any horse-related regrets?

That I stopped riding for a period between high school through college. Financially and time-wise I couldn’t, but I wish I had found some way to stay involved with horses in any way possible.

10. If you could ride with any trainer in the world, ASIDE from your current trainer, who would it be?

Not falling for this. Tried other trainers and was much worse off for it. Sticking with Trainer B.


11. What is one item on your horse-related bucket list?

Foxhunting! I’ve gotten close to being able to go a couple times, but something has always happened to make it fall through. 

12. If you were never able to ride again, would you still have horses?

Ya, I’d teach P to drive. He’s halfway there.



13. What is your “biggest fantasy” riding goal?

Right now just to ride and jump my own horse again. The goal was to go Training level, and it even looked like it’d eventually be a possibility a few months ago, but now everything is up in the air.

Like that time we easily jumped Training level stuff and didn’t even know it. 

14. What horse do you feel like has taught you the most?

Cliché, but P. I’ve only owned 3 horses, and the horses I rode as a kid were typically for sale, so never around too long. I’ve owned P for 4 years now, since restarting him off the track, and learn something new all the time. Especially what not to do. Like lean forward. He’s definitely taught me not to do THAT.


That feeling when you lean forward and your horse chips. Doh.

15. If you could change one thing about your current horse/riding situation, what would it be?

That he’d be done with rehab and back to normal riding.

I even miss DRESSAGE

16. If you could compete at any horse show/venue in your home country, where would it be?

Kentucky Horse Park. I’ve been there a couple times to spectate at K3D and think it’d be cool to ride in the same arenas/XC course. 

17. If you could attend any competition in the world as a spectator, what would be your top choice?

Probably Burghley. The area itself looks like a place I’d love to visit!

18. Have you ever thought about quitting horses?

Yes. I did for a long time and never thought I’d get back to it. I’m so glad I did.

19. If you could snap your fingers and change one thing about the horse industry, what would it be?

How dishonest some people are. Of course that’s not specific to the horse industry, but it seems to be quite cutthroat and the result is people/horses get hurt.

20. What’s the dumbest horse-related thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well?

Buying P sight unseen. That could’ve easily gone very wrong.

First time I saw him was in an abandoned gas station parking lot in Waxhaw, NC after he had traveled 8 hours from Ocala

21. As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?

That I’ll never be any good. 

22. What horse-related book impacted you the most?

Centered Riding by Sally Swift. I still re-read it constantly.

23. What personality trait do you value most in a horse and which do you dislike the most?

Sanity is quite important to me. A bad work ethic is a deal-breaker.

24. What do you love most about your discipline?

The comaraderie. There’s always someone to commiserate with.

25. What are you focused on improving the most, at the moment?

I want to stay in as good of riding shape as I can while P is sidelined, so that I stand a fighting chance once he’s cleared. I struggle A LOT with the mental side of jumping- I automatically ride as if the horse is going to stop- so we’re working mostly on that aspect of it, which will hopefully transfer to P once we start back up again.

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