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Gray Horses SUCK

So uh, if you’re ever in the market to buy a horse and someone offers to show you a gray one…RUN.

S was going to head to a jumper show this coming Saturday, then plans were scrapped for the final CHP schooling show, instead re-routing us to the VA Horse Trials the first weekend in November.



S got his right stifle injected Monday of last week and had a few days off. I got back on last Thursday and Friday and he flatted just fine, but Saturday I popped him over a couple small jumps and then through a grid and he trotted up short after that, so BO called the vet this past Monday.

So there went the jumper show, but at least I could still ride, right?



Ok, so S has had this whole week off, and we’ll try again next week. But that means a no for VA HT….aka, the last show before Trainer B heads to FL for the winter. So that’s our season, folks. Finito.


While S has been out, I figured I’d just busy myself with P. Due to time constraints, I’d been just doing his rehab in-hand vs riding him, so this would be a good time to remind P he was still a riding horse. Until Sunday, literally the day after S trotted a bit lame, when I went out to do his rehab and found his fancy egg bar shoe twisted, with the inside quarter clip embedded in his hoof wall….naturally on his right leg.

20 minutes later, after watching multiple YT videos, soliciting the help of BO’s husband, and scrambling around other boarders’ lockers/trailers for farrier tools, P’s shoe was finally off.

BO sent this picture to our farrier, who was quite amused
P’s face: HALP ME

But what to do about rehab was super stressful. The egg bar shoe is there to provide support so the tendons don’t stretch. But he still needs to get out to help the fibers strengthen. And naturally it was Sunday and the vet’s office wasn’t open. Because of course.

So he got the standard treatment of Magic Cushion/Diaper/Duct Tape to tide him over

I ended up cutting his trot sets a little shorter than usual, but he remained sound, and my savior of a farrier made a special trip out to stick the shoe back on, so P got back to business after only 2 lighter than usual days.

Another stressor has been keeping P amused in his stall. He’s been incredibly sane, but as of today, he’s been stalled for 23 1/2 hours/day for the past 57 days. I was buying him Likits, which are usually a special show treat because he finishes them off so fast (typically 30 minutes or less). He’s shown zero interest in the ball in his stall, and now ignores his salt lick. So BO had a great idea and hung his Likit in the middle of the stall so he couldn’t pin it down and munch on it.

Cost of each Likit: $7

Likit hitting P in the face: Priceless

The Tiniest Dictator has proclaimed P to be his horse, so he got to learn how to pick hooves and tack up. P was perfect, as per usual.

Though he couldn’t quite get the saddle pad just yet.

And he continues to do well in his rehab sessions IF and ONLY IF, he’s fully tacked up. If you take him out and attempt to walk/trot him in his halter, he goes nuts. Like full on bucking bronc. If you take him out in all his gear, he goes like this:

I think someone is missing doing work.

He’s even better if another horse is in the arena working at the same time. Though it was a little sad watching him watch one of the lesson horses jumping last night. He followed along with them throughout the entire course 😦

 He’s currently in the 2nd week of walking for 10 minutes, trotting for 2, walking for 5, trotting for 2, walking for 5, trotting for 2, walking for 5 minutes. Next Wednesday he’ll do the final stage of trot rehab, where he trots for THREE minutes three times per session, before going back to the vet mid-November. Riveting stuff, I know.

Still handsome

And with his shoe back on, I FINALLY got to climb back on. Even if I just walk him for a few minutes, it’s seriously feels so homey and right.


28 thoughts on “Gray Horses SUCK”

  1. I am not sure it is gray horses but maybe it is you!?? YOU ARE VOODOO (KIDDING JUST KIDDING) 😉 HA HA HA only you!! Sorry about all this. But P looks cute with the littlest dictator.

    So are you having fun yet? 🙂 I hope S bounces back soon before you go mental 🙂 Head out here and hop on a rotund buckskin. 🙂


    1. Bahahaha, I’m fairly certain it’s me. I think P sent smoke signals out to S to let him know what to do to get out of work. Or a carrier pigeon. Could totally see that happening also.

      I’m going to ride another boarder’s horse Fri-Sun while she’s out of town- another GRAY OTTB GELDING. Pray for me, for real.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg! So I love greys so am going to pretend this is only pertains to your two 😬. But omg! You know how I need to follow your fun adventures! How could they do this to me?? Lol.
    In all seriousness… I hope you’re back in the saddle soon!


  3. Hahaha! Watching P with his lickit reminds me of when I got my old horse Johnny one of Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls. I hung it in his stall and he would take his head and wack it against the ball to make it swing 😂 he did eventually get it pinned against the wall and devoured the entire thing but it was hysterical watching him push it around. Hope P’s enjoying his new swinging lickit a bit more and keeping him a bit more occupied in the 23.5 hours. And I like that the Tiniest Dictator has taken over P. Sorry KC, you might have to stage a coup to get your horse back!!! Heheheheehe!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Remus loves those Jimmy Balls. BUT He would immediately figure out how to nail it against the wall and eat it in five minutes flat hA HAHAH I havent gotten him one in forever. I forgot all about them. HA thanks for the laugh. I think the Tiniest Dictator has a plan and it is working JUST RIGHT IN HIS FAVOR (Evil dictator laugh goes here) 🙂


      1. That’s what P does, which is why they were relegated to show treats only! But putting it in the middle of the stall has prolonged the life exponentially. The Tiniest Dictator ALWAYS has a plan. Usually it’s an evil one

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Ughhhh cmon horses! Can’t you see it’s ridin time?! Hopefully S is back up to snuff ASAP, and that’s exciting that P is progressing in his rehab so well!


  5. keep p forever. watching your son throw a saddle pad on his back i was thinking of runkle at day 49 of splint related stall rest. I think that was when he bit me on the face and it looked like i was the victim of domestic abuse.

    definitely would not have let any small children be around him!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Amber did that too! No tack on the lunge and she’d be a bucking bronc. Tack her up and she was foot perfect haha. I’m glad the rehab is still going well with P! And I’m so sorry about S! Hopefully these two will stop conspiring against you lol.


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