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S & P Update

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Not really exciting to report on 30 minute handwalks with P and basic flatwork rides with S.

But here’s an exciting report: P can TROT!

I took him to Tryon last Wednesday for his final shockwave treatment and for an ultrasound. The vets watched him trot off- first trot in 30 days- and he was completely sound. Completely.

So off to ultrasound he went, which was just another beacon of good news: all the fluid has been reabsorbed, all the swelling is gone, and the fibers have filled in. It’s healed.

BUT. The vets have him on a gradual rehab plan. They stressed again that he should make a complete recovery as long as he doesn’t injure himself during rehab. So no turnout where he can go wild and twist that leg. He’s still on stall rest for at least the next 7 weeks, then he’ll go back to see if turnout and cantering are in the cards for him then.

But trotting is better than nothing. His rehab plan is as follows:

Week 1: One set of 2 minute trotting

Week 2: Two sets of 2 minutes

Weeks 3-4: Three sets of 2 minutes

Weeks 4-7: Three sets of 3 minutes

He continues to be super calm in his stall, and can still be trusted with the 4 year old:

But has recently become a little wild during walks, so a small dosing of sedative will most likely be needed from here on out.

S is doing well- we’ve gone to Trainer B’s a few times and his honesty to fences has allowed Trainer B to fill in an important hole in my jump position- the hip hinge. Something completely new to me, really.

So the last couple lessons have just been grids upon grids upon grids. S is not as athletically gifted as P, so when the fences got higher (3′) the sound effects were quite hilarious. But he’s a trier and I really appreciate the opportunity to ride him.

We did play around at home with the new jump fillers Husband made! P hopped over them on the lunge once, but since then they’ve been sitting at the edge of the arena. BO told me S would give them the hairy eyeball when he’d see them, so sorry S, but now you have to jump them.

And while he did peek a little, especially to the brick side, his honesty came through and he popped right over.

He’ll be going back to Carolina Horse Park next weekend to do his first HT at Beginner Novice. Maybe. At first I was going to put him in the BN CT since he’s never really even schooled XC (besides the one limited outing we had a few weeks ago), but after talking to Trainer B yesterday, decided to enter him in the full HT. We’ll do the schooling day the day before and if there are issues, I’ll just show him in dressage and SJ, then withdraw him. If he’s great for the schooling day, then I won’t be regretting not running XC.


My biggest concern is the water. Yesterday after we did our million grids, Trainer B had us go through his new water complex. Much like he did when I took him to KHP for schooling, he said “Hell naw,” and sidestepped around the entire thing repeatedly until another horse led him in.

Sooooo, that could preclude him from running XC. We’ll see.

Signing off now to FINALLY go catch up with what everyone else is doing!

17 thoughts on “S & P Update”

  1. yay so glad you got good news….from the vet. And yay on small trotting 🙂 I hope P keeps his marbles together and doesn’t misbehave. just let Noah ride him 🙂 HA

    and glad you are competing with S still. Have fun…and you get to school the water the day before right? I bet you will be all set by the day off. YAY!


  2. good news all around – yay for P and yay for getting to horse show! also i think it’s pretty awesome that you’re already feeling so great about BN with a new horse. that says a lot!!


    1. The jumps finally look tiny to me, which was definitely the reason why it took me so long to get the courage to jump even BN with P. Now I’m bored to tears with BN height, but S is still so inexperienced it’s the best call for him


  3. YES!! I’m so glad the news is awesome for P! I’m very happy he’s doing well, and that you’re having a fun time with S. He looks like a super fun guy, and I can’t wait to read how the HT goes!


  4. im sooo happy to hear P is sound. soft tissue is annoying, because the rehab is gradual. bone is a little easier in that way. when it’s healed its healed and its not ‘delicate’ in the beginning. when runkle had the splint from hell I went from (heavily sedated) walk to lunging REALLY quickly. mostly so no one died. Thank god.


  5. All the news from the vets sounds fantastic! It’s so good to hear that he trotted out sound. Rehab is going to continue to be a boring pain but it will be so worth it when P recovers completely and you guys go flying around the courses again together.


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