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Why Tho?

This for real has been my face for the last 72 hours

After not riding my horse for pretty much the entire month of August, Friday finally arrived. He’d had injections on Monday, stall rest until Tuesday afternoon, then normal turnout until I could finally get back on Friday.

So I tacked up and power-walked him down to the arena. I had no expectations for how it would go and was fully prepared to deal with an insane P.

I was NOT, however, prepared for this:

Yep. I had meandered awhile at the walk when I first got on, and he felt sort of strange. In a loose sort of way, like he wasn’t all the way put together. Which, I reasoned, was probably normal for us both having had so much time off. As soon as I asked for the trot, I felt his hind end disappear and not come back. Clearly he was lame.

So after asking BO to video and confirm that he was definitely lame, I untacked him, took a jog video and sent both to the vet.

Who said, “Can you come in tomorrow?

Sigh. Sure.

My first thought was there’s an infection, but he had no swelling or heat in the leg, and his temp was normal. Still, I wanted to know what was going on.

Saturday I hauled him to the vet and he was still just as lame. We jogged him, flexed him, and it’s definitely the right hind. She said most likely the injection site needs a bit more time for the inflammation to come down, and wanted him on Bute (and GastroGard!) for 3 days, then see how he is. If he’s doing ok, I could get on him. She also pulled blood to check for infection, just to be on the safe side, and said to jog him Sunday evening and send her the video.


So $170 later, we headed back home.

Later that evening, Husband and I went to Trainer B’s for dinner. I hadn’t talked to him since before I tried riding P (I seriously didn’t want to talk about it with anyone), so when he asked how P was, I had to tell him everything. He watched the videos and then asked if she’d ultrasounded the high suspensory. I said no, and he said it looks like that’s the problem.


So I drank a bottle of wine. Sorrynotsorry.

The next morning after church, we stopped by the barn so I could give P his bute, but before I did, I wanted to jog him. At that point, P hadn’t had bute since 2 PM the previous day, so nearly 20 hours prior. It was definitely out of his system. And this is what happened:

We all went home and I sent the video off to Trainer B saying I was so confused as to how he was so much better, despite not having any pain meds. And he texted back and said to put him on the lunge line on a circle. So I headed back out to the barn, this time with the 10 year old in tow (we had to get school supplies), and sent him those videos:

Then he said, “Get on and see if it’s different,” and I hesitated. I mean, the vet said not to ride, but he’s clearly not feeling as terrible as he was Friday night/Saturday morning. So I did.

Trainer B said he could still see some right hip drop, which says he’s not all the way better, but doesn’t immediately scream suspensory either. So I took another jog video that evening and sent it to the vet, saying he looked much better than he did Friday, but now he just looked like he did pre-injections.

She said she wanted to give it another day, but to stop the bute and send her a video Monday night.

And she then said he looked good, and I could get back on today but to stick to w/t this week. If all goes well, add in canter next week.

So blah. But in the meantime, BO has had me ride her horse (who is P’s BFF) a couple times and last night I got to jump for the first time in 36 days (not that I was counting…). This guy is so much fun (and for sale!). I jumped him once when she first got him over a few little cross-rails, but BO concentrated on dressage so he doesn’t really jump. He’s a muuuuuch different ride than P (the 4 in that first line is super easy for P), but that’s my problem, not his. I had an absolute blast and am glad BO got some video so I can relive actually doing something on the back of a horse besides trying to determine lameness!


27 thoughts on “Why Tho?”

  1. what the hell?? I cant believe how bad his lameness was in the first video (oh that is bad was that the BO saying that in the video LOL). P get your shit straight. OMG this must be killing you. I too see the hip drop in the last riding video BUT he is not lame like he was in the first. Poor you….

    Cute horse of your BO at least you got to RIDE SOMETHING! JEEZ….

    Fingers crossed P gets his shit straightened out without MORE MONEY going into the vet’s pocket. Sigh…

    I might have drank two bottles of wine if I had been you!


    1. It’s just soooo weird that he went from being so dead lame to pretty much fine in 24 hours. With no pain meds 🤷‍♀️

      The vet did say that sometimes with injections, because the joint feels “full” the horse doesn’t really know how to react and can look worse. Some people who have gotten joint injections themselves also say the same thing. So that could be the reason.

      Who even knows anymore, sigh.

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  2. I saw the title of this one and I was like noooooooooo. Then I got into it and it go so much suckier. I am sorry. That all sucks. I have no advice that would be helpful. 😦


  3. ugh i’m sorry 😦 i guess there’s no chance that it was just something simple like a bruise or abscess? really tho that’s just the pits. i hate uncertainty with horses and hope you can get some answers (ideally hand in hand with a SOUND horse!!) asap!


    1. Definitely not an abscess because he’s fine now and nothing blew. And probably not a bruise because of how quickly it went away.

      Also the right hip drop was the reason for him seeing the vet to begin with. As of last night it wasn’t there anymore so it’s possible he just needed an extra couple days.


  4. I read the title and was worried. Then watched the first video like “OMG P no” and then it progressed to “P what are doing? No seriously. OMG P what the hell are you doing?!” Uuuugggghhhh. I am SO sorry. I know EXACTLY how you feel. If you want to vent, I’m totally here for you. ( Mystery lamenesses are the absolute pits, because you can’t pinpoint what the f is wrong but dammit you KNOW something is wrong. I’m so sorry lady 😦


  5. That’s so confusing! Why horse why? It really sucks that this lameness thing is such a crazy roller coaster. 😦 I hope you guys figure it out soon. So weird…


  6. Horses are the worst. Henry was practically 3 legged within a few hours of coming off the trailer from Chatt, to the point where I had the emergency vet come out and xray basically the whole friggin leg, pull the shoe and poke around for an abscess, etc. NOTHING. And he was totally fine a few days later. We still have no fucking clue what that was about. It looked like something was broken, I was freaking the hell out. HORSES.


  7. Sorry, that is SO frustrating. I can see how they sometimes react weird to injections – having had one in my knee, it can be kind of a weird uncomfortable fullness. Here’s to hoping that you get some answers.


  8. P!! You are full of expensive juice and should be feeling better!!!, hopefully he continues to improve and he just needed some extra time to get everything working again after the injections? Agh horses!


  9. Omg I’m so sorry. This is the least simple lameness ever! Why P, why? I’m glad you were able to ride a fun horse in the meantime, but still, I’m hoping you get to the bottom of this soon!


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