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Is it Monday Yet?

Last Thursday I went to ride my horse. The jump arena was a little soggy, so we headed to the dressage arena, since the footing was a little more packed.

Aaaaand, he tripped. Twice. Whole hind end out from under me for just a split second, but it was enough.

It was a real bummer because we were supposed to head to Trainer B’s the next day for the first time literally forever. Ok, maybe not literally, but it sure seemed like it. So I texted him to let him know what happened and that coming up there would be pointless, and we agreed that working P until he goes back to the vet wouldn’t do any good.

So more easy days, I guess.

At this point I’m going to just go ahead and prepare for injections. We saw the vet on August 2nd, and since then P has pretty much had the whole time off. Between it storming every afternoon, to me just not being able to make it out, he’s maybe been ridden with purpose 3 times since then. So there’s still something wrong. He goes back next Monday, so fingers are super tightly crossed.

Friday I went to the barn to just hang with him in the pasture. I plopped myself under a tree with a book that I actually wanted to read. P was having none of it.

P (2)
“Are you hurt, Human?”
“I see phone out. Me get in picture.”
He could NOT get over my toes. It quickly got weird.

Saturday I went to Windridge to hang with/help/cheer on Trainer B and the rest of the crew.

B’s Barn Mgr and I (with my favorite of Trainer B’s horses) looking way too happy for it being  like 150% humidity. PC: Danica M.

I was quite sad to not be there competing, as I really love the venue. And they changed up their XC course from even a month ago, which looked suuuuper fun.

Though I was a little startled to see this, when we were walking the courses:

This looks familiar….

Recognize it?

Snapshot 2 (7-8-2018 10-10 PM)
I might’ve had my eyes closed here


Nailed it



Sunday, Baby Noah, aka the Tiniest Dictator, requested to ride P. I’m never one to say no to that. P is so gentle with him, and puts his head down for Noah to halter him, then follows along wherever he goes. Despite not having been ridden in 4 days, he stood at the mounting block, and plodded along around the arena for a few laps. It was a bit boring in the arena, so I suggested we head to the pond. Noah at first didn’t want to because he “didn’t want to go underwater,” so I hopped on with him:


So yeah. If that doesn’t explain why I want to try absolutely everything to fix the stopping, then nothing will.



23 thoughts on “Is it Monday Yet?”

  1. Oh no P… Not what mom wanted at all. At least it seems you are on the right track? Either way, it totally sucks, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he returns 110% quickly!


  2. Well, medical is easier to treat than behavioral? I’m really trying
    I love that he wouldn’t leave you alone when you were reading. Such a personality!


  3. so are you thinking of doing his SI? folks i know who have gone that route have been *really* happy with the results, and from what i understand in some milder cases just one injection can be enough to get the horse comfortable enough to rebuild all that supportive muscle around the joint to keep them going for a long time (as opposed to joints like fetlocks or hocks that have less surrounding muscle to help compensate, and therefore might need more routine maintenance).

    in any case tho my fingers are crossed for you!


    1. Yeah, the vet said if he was still not 100% by the next checkup then she would recommend injection the SI. I’ve heard some great stories from people who have had it, and really, anything to make sure he’s comfy.


  4. Poor P!!! I hope he’s enjoying his time off though and for sure the Tiniest Dictator is enjoying adventures with P!!! You should dress up Noah as Napoleon one year for Halloween and he can ride P around. 😂


  5. So sorry it’s been a stressful time for you! But what a a good fucking horse. And damned lucky to have such an attentive owner who wants to do right by him. ❤


  6. that last gif made me laugh and is also so cute.

    I had indy’s SI’s done, front and back both sides and an epidural and when i got back on him he was still lame af up front he felt like A BAJILLION DOLLARS behind. the best hes ever felt. of course it also made him feel even MORE lame up front so thats why he’s off being the Worlds Fanciest Trail Horse. guess there are pros to horses being bilaterally lame?? (i keed. really)


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