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Takin’ It Easy

P’s been on Roaxin for the last 6 days. Well, not Robaxin, exaaactly:


Pretty sure BO thinks I’m a child

I’ve ridden him a little bit, but it’s stormed here pretty much every afternoon, coinciding exactly when I get off work, so nothing extensive. Trainer B wanted him to take it easy for the first week or so anyway, so it all worked out.

Plus we had things to do, videos to make.

Pretty sure Trainer B thinks I’m a child also

Let’s take a closer look at P’s face:

So thrilled

Naturally we were filming an Asmar video, this time with the Combined Driving theme. Our original plan had been to have BO’s big dog (the one in the raft above) pull her smaller dog in the raft, but the smaller dog wanted nothing to do with that mess.

So we broke out P, since he’s pulled the raft before, and settled the pooch in.

Aaaaand, it ripped the anchor out and deflated the raft right away. Boo.

But we weren’t to be deterred. Can’t keep us down.


At this point we know we won’t win because both of us have already, but we’re still having a blast making these. We’re prepping for a dressage one soon, stay tuned!

Sunday I had to decide what to do: go ride my horse or go with my family on a hike?

So we compromised:


Trust me, the looks you get when you’re out with your family walking a dog and, oh yeah, a horse, are priceless.


Especially when you get lost and have to take the road back to the parking lot.


Today I’m for real going to ride my horse.


24 thoughts on “Takin’ It Easy”

  1. I taught Gem to trail ride by hand walking/jogging her down trails. I got so many odd looks and concerned questions to make sure I was ok. Glad P is looking better after the chiro and robaxin.


  2. P looked like he was enjoying himself on the hike. I think walking = taking it easy, imo. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything ends up good and you guys can get some definitive answers on if this helped P or not.


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