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When Your Trainer Asks You…

…What you’ve been doing since he last saw you 5 days ago…


I mean, uh, some desensitizing exercises. Always very important.

Umbrella 1Umbrella2

Giving pony rides to my 4 year old who has every day since, demanded that we “share Pilgwim.” He spent the 30 minutes ride (longer than my ride on P!) begging me to jump, cajoling P to “go faster,” and pony club kicking. Future pro event rider?

You’ll need the sound on.



And last not NOT least, planning, directing, filming, and editing our latest Asmar Equestrian contest submission. This is for sure the BEST ONE YET, thanks to Husband, who is the best sport ever.

You will DEFNITELY need the sound on for this.

A very productive 5 days it’s been, I tell ya.

16 thoughts on “When Your Trainer Asks You…”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA I am laughing so hard at work trying not to laugh which is making me laugh harder. I absolutely love Matt’s DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS?!! I bet our trainers absolutely want to yell that at us all the time LOL. And of course “George Morris might accept that but NOT ME!!! OMG priceless. You better win that LOL.


  2. oh my god did you write a script for him/ OMG I am DYING LAUGHING. OMG I might go watch it again. DYING…i tell you.

    MORE REIN! OHMYGOD. you did look like SHREK



    1. Bahahaha it’s not me, it’s my BO in the costume! Since I won last month’s contest, I stayed behind the scenes.

      And yes, will have to get Noah involved soon. He’ll be a natural 😂😂

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