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CHP Novice Takeaways-Dressage

“Hey, remember when P & I completed our first BN and I referenced it pretty much every post after that? Well, prepare for more spamming, this time Novice-style. Because Novice. And this time I have professional photos!

When I left CHP Sunday evening, I drove home with no radio, no phone calls, just drove and thought about the day. 48 hours later I’m still in disbelief. I can’t believe we did it!

But as always, there were lessons learned that I need to hammer into myself before the next one.

-Ride every movement in the dressage test. 

The smile when you nail centerline then think, “Wait, which way do I turn?”

Despite the error-on-purpose, I felt like I actually RODE the movements, vs just sat there and reminded myself what came next. Which is something that I’ve always struggled with in dressage. So despite the terrible score, there was something positive to come out of it. 


My tendency is to freeze when P is going well, when actually, small movements with my aids will be what keeps him consistent and focused. Unless a trailer full of horses is banging down the road 10 feet from us. I guess he gets a pass for that.

30 seconds later. I wish there was a hi-res version of this.

P’s capable of a lot- he has good gaits and he’s more consistent in his balance than ever before. I need to shorten my reins and carry my hands a bit more to relay messages to him faster.

Would be a great picture if we could both keep our mouths shut

He’s come a long way since scooting around in hexagon shapes like a giraffe. And while we have a ton to work on, ahem, right lead canter, it’s the journey, right?

P: “I spy with my little eye…something to spook at. 3..2..1..”


The braids made it through dressage!


First dressage show- February 2015
June 2018



16 thoughts on “CHP Novice Takeaways-Dressage”

  1. my trainer is always telling me “prepare for the next movement, prepare for the next movement.” Like, basically, don’t stop preparing. Blerg. It’s a lot of work!


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