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All I Do Is Win…

Well actually NOT me this time. But BO! See, after we did my video and found out that the winners were selected randomly, we thought it best to submit a 2nd one under her name. And it won! Enjoy. You need the sound on for this one.

So the monthly prize is $500 and we had said if either of us won, we’d each get $250. They’ve already sent the code, so I checked out the website and…wow. Uhhh, expensive much? I definitely want a shirt- was thinking either their sunshirt(s) or the Ocala vest (though it’s $200- yikes). I have zero Asmar Eq gear, can anyone tell me anything about their sizing? I usually get a size L in shirts (like Kastel) because I have loooong arms and a loooong torso, and just want to make sure they don’t run super small or anything.

Any suggestions?

21 thoughts on “All I Do Is Win…”

  1. Yeah the mark up on the Asmar stuff is kind of insane. Like a lot insane. It’s why they can put it on clearance at the end of the season at 50% off and still be making bank. But if you like a Kastel L, I would go Asmar L as well. Some of the other stuff, like the tech shirts, maybe even an XL. Depends on how tight or how loose you want it.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAA Omg I think you broke the internet!!!! Screw Yanny vs Laurel, it’s KC and company entering random contests!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂


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