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So That Happened

After a few days of riding in a halter last week, P’s cut was completely healed- praise the Lord above. But since it happened in the rubber bit (though I’m not 100% sure it was because of it), I was a little reluctant to put that back in his mouth. So I borrowed BO’s Nathe bit to see how he’d react and, um, magic.


While I had brakes with the plain rubber mullen mouth, he was terrible flatting in it. No bend, no suppleness, but he DID seem bolder to jumps (which was the point), although after riding him in the XC field, Trainer B thinks P may be TOO strong in it. While I haven’t jumped him in the Nathe yet, his flatwork last week was exceptional. P’s mouth is a bit on the smaller side, so I’m thinking the rubber mullen mouth just didn’t fit him properly. Some more time will tell.

On Friday I had every intention of going out to jump around, but that morning a friend tagged me in, what else? A contest.


A trip to WEG and $2,000 for Asmar Equestrian gear? I mean, sure that would get me a whopping 2 shirts or so, but still. So BO and I brainstormed. We wanted to do something no one else had done.

Lo and behold.

Our first idea had been to have P drag the arena while I tossed hay and pulled his mane (but not really), but taping it proved to be problematic.

Now, when we first decided on the whole dragging the arena thing, I was more than a little nervous. P has never even been ground-driven, let alone pulled anything behind him (except the raft, but I was holding onto that). So we got out BO’s surcingle, strapped some lunge lines on either side and I led him around while BO walked behind him, increasing pressure on the lines.

“What dis?”
“Omg, the human is at it again.”

To both of our surprise, rather than stop when she pulled, P just dug in harder and kept going. Maybe he was a plow horse in another life? So we hooked him up to the drag (which is HEAVY) and I led him around again.

Checking out what ridiculous thing we’re about to have him do.

But again, he drug it around the arena a lap, not caring one bit. So day one of prep was over.

The next day, we realized that we (obviously) couldn’t get the surcingle and the saddle on at the same time. So BO goes, “How about bareback?”

Errrm. No. I’ve ridden him bareback maybe twice- the first time he was fine (I was uncomfortable…holy withers) and the second time he was super tense. So bareback in a T-Rex costume? Pass.

So she goes, “How about with my bareback pad?” So I said ok, we’ll try it, since I had seen some boarders riding around the property in their bareback pads, complete with stirrups.

Well, hers didn’t have any stirrups so I shimmied on (sans T-Rex costume at that point), and P seemed quite fine with it all. So I hopped off and we added the T-Rex costume. I’m sure I held my breath while mounting (the T-Rex tail goes rogue), but P just let out a sigh and stood there.


So I walked around a few laps, making sure he wasn’t going to suddenly get freaked out.


And then we added the surcingle. Still no issues….

And finally the drag. And, well, you know the rest. See video above.

My horse is Grand Champion of the World.

He didn’t even look back at me as his little human took him to his stall

Now for the bad part. So all this is taking place over the course of an hour, at least 20 minutes spent inside the T-Rex costume, which DOES.NOT.BREATHE. and it’s 96 degrees outside with insane humidity. I was soaked, P was soaked. It was all a bit miserable. But hey, definitely going to win, right?


Ya. All that to be RANDOMLY chosen. Heavens to Betsy, it was all for naught.

Ok, I joke. Totally worth it to see yet again how insanely cool my horse actually is.



18 thoughts on “So That Happened”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! Pilgrim’s like “whyyyyy didn’t someone buy me when I was for sale??? I bet they wouldn’t do weird contests with me!!!!! Now I’m stuck with this human forever bc i’m soooo good at being me!!!! Thank god I have my little human to boss around!!! He just feeds me cookies and doesn’t make me do weird shit!!!”

    Oh the life of P!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. your poor horse is a saint 🙂 Oh yeah three or four people ran in a 1 mile race we had in October in those Trex suits. Well waddled but they really wanted to run LOL I had to help one get out of the suit before she passed out. I didn’t even know who was in there but she just waddled up to me and pantomined unzipping her from the suit I got her face out and I had no idea who she was but she hugged me she was seriously steaming in there. LOL

    You are INSANE (But we already knew that)….:) Hope you win….


    1. Bahahaha, that thing is SO HOT. At one point I was getting a little irritable (because you can’t even wipe your face or anything) and then I realized how dumb that was. It’s not like anyone was forcing me to sit on my horse in a t-rex suit.

      So funny about the race, but I know how she felt!


  3. ha I love how you had the plough. It just shows how wonderful P really is hey! I hope you win, good luck mate
    Mel x


  4. This just opens a whole new world of possibilities of dragging exceptionally ridiculous things while having your hands free to steer….


  5. Ah man, randomly chosen? If you’re gonna ask for something specific, don’t make it randomly chosen! Hope the odds are in your favor!


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