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LRK3DE Life Lessons

It’s been a long few days. And I’m not really a picture taker so this will be quite short. Here are some takeaways:

  • You can fit an ME half pad in your carry-on if you wear lots of layers to the airport. Points if you take Michele’s advice and wear the half-pad as a hat.


  • Don’t stay at the Clarion Hotel. The rooms are in no way soundproof, things are probably broken in your room, and it’s a bit sketchy all around.


  • The dressage headset is worth the $25. The woman this year was hilarious- you could tell who had headsets by the rippling laughter in the stands.


  • Buy the preferred parking pass. You won’t believe how close you get.


  • Front row seats to SJ are awesome, though next year we decided we’re going to try the upper grandstand for comparison. (And this strawberry/brownie kabob drenched in chocolate is the best invention ever. I’ve made them promise to return next year.)P3.jpg

Looking forward to getting on my pony P today (who turned 8 yesterday!) and testing out my new precious, aka the Majyk Equipe Ergonomics Full Fleece Shimmable Impact Half Pad.

16 thoughts on “LRK3DE Life Lessons”

  1. ha ha ha i wanted a visual of you wearing said hat 🙂 AND HAPPY BDAY P!! One day soon he will be a real boy! (P, Pinocchio get it?)

    And i can’t wait to hear about the pad. I am so glad you got one (evil laugh) so i can live thru you trying it out and see if I want one or not (WHO AM I KIDDING I WANT ONE) HA

    Sounds like a great weekend. NEXT YEAR!!! NEXT YEAR!! YAY! I will be there…!


  2. Sounds like a great time! The $25 earbuds were absolutely worth it (“bounce per ounce” was one of my favorite one liners lol) and the upper grandstands are nice when the sun is really strong and it’s really warm. On Sunday tho we were FREEZING in the shade!


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