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Why Plans Can’t Be Made

For someone with my personality- a type A perfectionist/planner- last week was a logistical nightmare. Originally I was going to go to the Sport of Horses Dressage show with Trainer J. Remember? I was super excited, as this would be my first show with Trainer J to help. And then I was going to go XC schooling at Windridge with Trainer B either Friday or Sunday.

And we were going to own this jump

Then a barnmate who had signed up for the dressage show received an email saying that the show was full and if they had anyone from the same barn going, to let them know right away. So I emailed the organizer to see if they could still get me in, and received no response.


In that time, waiting to hear back, Trainer B and I determined that Sunday was out because it was less than 30 days before Windridge was putting on their recognized HT. Since I still hadn’t heard about the dressage show, I said I could go Saturday if we needed to.

So we could beast over all the tables and wide things

The next day I heard back from the dressage show organizer, saying he could fit me in. And I had to respond, saying I couldn’t make it anymore.


Then Trainer B heard back from Windridge, saying Friday should be ok.



Then I was going to email the show organizer back, asking if I could still be put in, when BO told me Trainer J was going in the morning with a client for her USDF test, but the small arena tests (eventing and Intro) wouldn’t be until the afternoon, so didn’t think Trainer J would be staying. So in that case, why bother?

This should be good enough anyway

Then it was Thursday night and Trainer B still hadn’t gotten a confirmation from Windridge, so we decided on a regular lesson.

Which are never boring. At all.

Friday morning when I went to the barn, BO told me Trainer J was going to stay for the afternoon dressage tests.



If you followed that, you have excellent comprehension skills and I commend you. Long story short, no XC schooling and no dressage show.

But in good news, P got to test out nearly all of Trainer B’s new (and super spooky) show jumps, and did fantastic! Pretty much all of the old fences are now in the field, and have been replaced with brightly colored jumps with lots of portable cutouts. Walking into the arena, P was spooking left and right at every single one, so I was quite impressed with him when we finished. And that was the final test ride in the rubber bit, and has Trainer B’s stamp of approval, so it will be our official jumping bit from now on.

I may or may not have questioned all of Trainer B’s life decisions when he told us to take the red/yellow oxer and then 2 strides over the gate.

In bad news, Windridge HT is a no-go for Trainer B. I thought about going on my own anyways since I like Windridge, but the Spartan Super is that Saturday, and I really wanted to do that as well. The Spartan race won out, and Trainer B and I will head to VA CIC  & HT at the end of May. Which will give Husband a better chance at finishing the trailer anyway, since he only has weekends to do so.

Which is coming along!

In fun news, even though I wasn’t showing, since I now had nothing to do on Saturday, I went with BO and our friend who was showing BO’s other horse to the dressage show and we had a blast.

And all 4 bottles were consumed- needless to say, best dressage show ever.

We had wine, snacks galore, and sippy cups, which apparently fooled no one. BO and friend did Intro B, and swept the class, and Trainer J was there with her daughter to join in on the fun.

We’re all sort of a mess.

Sunday we had some insane storms that included tornados, so Husband had to stop work on the trailer early, and I didn’t get to ride.

P says, “How long does it take for one child to fasten a blanket? Nap time!”

It’s a little sad that nothing is on the calendar for over a month, but I’m hoping that in that time we can go XC schooling at least once before then. Even though P was fantastic about the jumps at both Full Gallop and Windridge, and he’s been great schooling over the XC jumps we have at the barn, there’s still a lot of education to be had on both our parts before I’ll truly feel comfortable.

Happy riding to everyone this week!

32 thoughts on “Why Plans Can’t Be Made”

  1. Oh man! That’s a crazy week!!! But aren’t you glad you didn’t schedule to go XC schooling on Sunday? Unless you were there at early it would of been canceled anyways and then you’d have to drive back in that rain! Gross!!!!

    But sometimes going to shows without horses is more fun (in a different way) and you can party and not worry about getting ready 🙂 But you’ll be showing before you know it!!


    1. Sunday was insane! That would’ve been sooo bad. It was super fun to go to a horse show and not ride. P is pretty low-maintenance at shows already, but this was even lower stress. I just had to make sure the sippy cups stayed full!


  2. I don’t know whether to be proud or scared I followed your entire train of thought explaining it all. LOL. Glad you got to do something horsey this weekend and if it involved wine so much the better.
    What VA event are you thinking of end of May?? I am wondering if i can have it line up with when I drive down to Memphis (Stop off watch some horses)….LOL why not??


  3. What a mess! That would have had me banging my head against the nearest wall. Even with all the changes, you ended up with a great stadium school and the season is still so young, there is plenty of time to sneak in those shows.


    1. I was highly impressed with him jumping the new jumps. They’re ones that mimic the ones real show jumpers see in the big rings so I couldn’t quite believe his willingness!


  4. Way to make the best of a hectic situation! I’m a planner too, so shit like this makes me nutty. But, if there’s wine involved it always seems to make things better…


  5. Ughh, as a fellow ‘plan all the things in minute detail’ person, I’m admiring your most excellent comeback of still getting yourself there, just with wine instead of a horse.


  6. That was a kerfuffle and a half. At least you got Trainer B’s okay on the bit though.

    It was awesome to read that last paragraph about Trainer B’s assessment of P and his stadium ability. Look at where you’ve come in a year!


  7. Logistical nightmare indeed! Argh! Those stadium jumps look super fun though! And that is one of the best group photos I’ve seen in ages =)


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