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Back in Business

The day was Sunday. I was cantering around, warming P up. I hear, “He looks good.” Me: “Thanks, I’ve been working with Trainer J a lot.”

A pause. Then:

“That’s not going to cut it for jumping.”


Trainer B is back!

Sadly no media, but it wouldn’t have been that exciting of media anyways, since we stuck to some simple concepts- namely, getting us to go appropriately forward to jumps.

We used to go fast.

Trainer B put poles in front of the jumps, to give me a clear number of strides between the pole and the jump. And because he hates me, he made the distances long.

1st attempt: We go over the pole at a conservative pace, I realize 1-2 strides out that I won’t make it in 3, so I kick him the last stride.

Result: P lands and gallops away way too fast, yet doing what I asked by kicking him over the jump.


2nd attempt: In an effort to prevent him from bolting away again, I micromanage the hell out of him even more on the front side, again, kicking him over the jump to make it in 3.

Result: Uhhh, the same as attempt 1.

Trainer B:XdRonKH

P: giphy

Trainer B says, “It’s instinct to think that by slowing him before the jump, he’ll be more manageable on landing.

Me: YES, that’s exactly it!

Trainer B: It’s wrong training.


And so we did that over and over and over. Switching it up between the pole being 4 strides out and 3 strides out, until P and I were both a bit more comfortable with the increased pace. Because it’s been awhile.

October 2017. Gotta get the zoomies back!


It was really great to be back, and it was also great to jump again. P concurred, and was a bit more excitable than I anticipated, but it was a good lesson to knock the dust off. And I’ve gotten the green light from BO to put the jumps back out in the jump arena again, so those will start going up after work today.

And we have some (tentative) plans! I expressed my need for much XC schooling, so those days are being planned. I have until tomorrow to figure out if I can go to River Glen HT in 3 weeks, which doesn’t look like it will happen based on Husband’s schedule, but will be decided tonight. And THEN, and of course depending on XC schooling results, we’re planning (again, oh-so-tentatively) on a mid-May Novice debut for P! With Trainer B aboard, of course. I really just need the proof that those wide objects, known to most as simply tables, are indeed jump-able.


18 thoughts on “Back in Business”

  1. I had to laugh at this. When I jumped May this weekend, I knew it was a bit slow and a bit behind my leg. But hey – relaxation is the most important to me when reintroducing a skill! Then, I saw the video… and I saw her physically HEAVING herself over small fences. oh man, I gotta reinstall that go button too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dont you love when people call your shit out 🙂 HA HA HA can’t wait for Trainer B to ride P in an event that will be epic! 🙂 glad you got to jump again. You will get the cobwebs out and be back to flying over them soon enough I bet! 🙂


  3. Just so you know FENCE is still taking entries soooooo since you’re not sure if RG will work weekend wise why not come to FENCE???? You have plenty of time to get ready!! Especially if you’re considering RG 😁 (Do It Do It Do it!!! ) (I’m trying to make cheering chants, it’s not so easy to write chants and get the same effect… i might start texting you voice texts just to get you pumped for eventing at FENCE 😂)


    1. Ugh that late fee tho…😐 The issue is Matt’s going to be at the police academy suuuuper late Friday. So I wouldn’t be able to leave until Saturday. And do I want to get up at 4 AM? Nooooottttt really. But since it looks like I’ll be free that weekend I’ll probably be able to come cheer you on!!


  4. Yes I feel you. I have to get used to going fast again when I lesson on Liam. I let him chug along sometimes haha. So glad you and P got to knock the rust off! Can’t wait to see some more media of you two!


  5. LOL the gif for Trainer B’s reaction.

    Finding speed is definitely not always easy. However, I’m sure y’all will find your zoomies again in no time!


  6. Yay for getting trainer B back!!! All in all sounds like a pretty solid feeling from Pilgrim too. I bet you guys click right back into gear ASAP – and hopefully it includes lots of xc schooling!!


  7. the “what do you want” gif made me laugh my head off… It’s like that at times with all horses lol
    Mel x


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