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Jumps? Where Aaaaaarrrreee You?

First things first- Rolex Land Rover The-Event-Formerly-Known-As-Rolex tickets are bought and plane ticket is booked! Anyone else going? I’m flying into Louisville (my sister goes to college there) Thursday night, then my mom and I are staying in Lexington Fri-Sun for the event. We have FRONT ROW seats to SJ. Last year we got bleacher seats and it was so hot and crowded, my mom never wanted to do that again. The countdown begins!

Riding has been boring and nothing to write home about (aka, no jumping). The day before Windridge, Trainer J came out for lessons at the barn I board at, and in preparation for that, BO took down all the jumps and used poles to create a large dressage arena, since the one at the barn is 20×40.

P’s thoughts on the jump arena being turned into a second dressage space.

Then afterwards, BO asked if anyone minded it staying that way for a little bit- she was getting ready to go to her first dressage show on her new horse and they were doing Training 2/3, which is in a large arena. Since I’m the only one at the barn that jumps, everyone was in support of it. And because I wasn’t riding regularly, I said it was fine with me, too.

And it’s been good for us- we’ve hauled up to Trainer J’s every week, worked super hard on the flat, and last week, P’s wildest dreams came true:


Trainer J hopped on BO’s horse and I jokingly said P was jealous and she should get on him, too, and much to P’s delight, she did! I swear that’s the only reason he’s going so well for her, and has nothing to do with the fact that she actually USES her inside leg.

But the MOST exciting news is that BO and I are headed to another dressage show in 2 weeks (which is NOT exciting in itself), but this time WITH TRAINER J! She knows P well, which will help us in warmup immensely. And besides being a kickass human being, rider and trainer, she’s also a judge herself, so having her watch our tests (rather than decipher another judge’s comments/scores) will help her formulate a plan for us in lessons.

Feels like show season is starting for real this time!

19 thoughts on “Jumps? Where Aaaaaarrrreee You?”

  1. Pretty sure Emily (May as Well Event) is going. I just realized next year I will be be within driving distance of the event formerly known as Rolex! WOOHOO! πŸ™‚ Ha (Well i am within driving distance now but a much shorter driving distance next year. I Must go next year! MUST!

    ANYHOO oh P on that llama impression in the big arena. Tho he looks great with trainer on him.

    Sorry no jumping. HA but I am sure Trainer B will make up for that. And glad your dressage trainer is going to the next dressage show. That should totally help out! things are happening!

    Have a great weekend

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  2. P should be excited to see Trainer B so he can show him what a Kick Ass Eventing Pony he’s become!!!! And how fun is it going to be to go to a show WITH a Trainer???? Hopefully the stars will align more in the future and you can go to more Plus Trainer Shows πŸ™‚


  3. So exciting! Going last year left me without a few funds so this year is out haha. But I’m hoping maybe I can go next year? I think you’ll have a blast! I had the best time ever when I went. So exciting! Take SO MANY PICTURES lol. And yay for more schooling shows! Especially since Trainer J will be able to be there. That’ll be really helpful to have her watch.

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  4. Yay for the return of trainer B and for going to dressage shows with trainer J! Also yup I’m going to Kentucky too! Hope to see you all there – shoot me an email at fraidycat.eventing at gmail !


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