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Work Schmerk

Whelp. I had to cancel my lesson with Trainer J last Friday and miss out on the jumper show on Saturday because…


Some jackass in a tiny truck was coming the opposite way of me and we were both going over a bridge where the lanes narrow. I drive this route twice a day to the barn and my truck fits in the lines- I’ve gone over it with another large truck passing opposite me many times before. But this guy couldn’t keep his tiny 150 inside his lane.


He pulls over, I turn around and pull up behind him. And he immediately says, “Your truck is bigger, you shouldn’t have tried to go across while I was coming.”


Long story short, while I adore turquoise (thus the reason I ONLY have turquoise duct tape), I don’t love it so much on my mirror and Big Dustina has to get fixed. So there went most of my weekend, dealing with an insurance claim.

It was probably best, though, because P  has had exactly one ride since the dressage show last Saturday, thanks to work and kid stuff. So when I went out on Saturday, I wasn’t exactly motivated to do much.

Watching Husband work

He’s turned into such a cool horse.  I rode him Saturday at the show, then Monday, and he did nothing the rest of the week.

Now, I didn’t just stick my 4 year old in the raft, hop on and pray it worked. Husband brought it into the arena, he got to sniff it, then I dragged it behind me while leading him a few times around.


When it was clear he was unimpressed, I hopped on to see what would happen from the saddle. It was slightly windy, so I told Husband I needed something to keep it on the ground and Noah jumped back in. I kept the lunge line long enough so that if P kicked it wouldn’t reach Noah and prepared myself to drop it at the first hint of trouble.


But P was awesome. Noah only weighs 36 pounds, but it felt like 100. We walked around the arena a few times, I tried trotting and P was willing, but I only made it like 2 circles before my arm felt like it was going to come off.

So…there was that. Sunday we blew off work again in favor of going on a trail ride with a friend. And P was a perfect gentleman while getting pets from some little girls out hiking with their family.

The next couple days look totally blah:


Then we have a dressage lesson with Trainer J on Friday, and Saturday I’m volunteering (for the first time ever!) at Carolina International.

Hope everyone has a great week!

20 thoughts on “Work Schmerk”

  1. omg P is ridiculous lol, what a good boy!! it almost seems like he enjoys all these random shenanigans with the kiddos ❤ have fun at carolina international and take a zillion pictures!


    1. I think days like those are so good for him, where it’s not a grind every time I ride. He does seem to enjoy it. Will take lots of pictures! I’ll be in the vet box with the horses coming off of XC 🙂


  2. Hahaha P’s face is one of bliss as those cute girls are loving on him! And yes he looks completely unimpressed with that raft lol. I think these unmotivated days are good though. It breaks up the training and gives you guys fun time :D. And I LOVE the GIFs describing this guy on the road. I feel that way when my truck is behind a small car too! lol


  3. ha trade you your forecast for ours? no? Why not? you dont want 12 inches of snow? UGH
    P looks great. I think that horse MAY need therapy one day though. I am waiting for you to start riding him to work or bringing him in the house or….???

    Have fun volunteering!


    1. oh and meant to say someone i know had this happen to her on the Conowingo Dam bridge (SMALL TINY NARROW BRIDGE FOR MAJOR TRAFFIC). Guy swiped her mirror off and kept on cruising. That is so annoying. WTF. Sorry about that….grhhh


  4. Ummmm no he didn’t!!!!!! If anything the smaller car should be the one stopping for the big truck!!! Or at least that’s my opinion 😉 hahahahaha

    Glad you had a fun weekend! My trainer always says that sometimes the best training you can do for your horse is to not train. They always come back better than if you had been “working” the whole time 🙂 Chimi is proof this theory works hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ha! Love that you only have turquoise duct tape. P is such a good boy! Imagine if you had snow with that raft. I did this for the kids and it was so fun!


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