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Next on the Agenda

Events are starting back up in Area II, and continuing on in Area III, schooling shows are kicking off…and there’s so much to choose from.


This weekend, BO and I are heading to a dressage show at a new venue called Sport of Horses Park. It’s about 1.5 hours away, so not too bad, and they’ll be holding CTs there starting next month. The facility also has XC schooling fields and trails, and access to the park is free for competitors. So the plan is go and do a dressage test or two, then hit the trails. I definitely need practice in the dressage ring. We’ll do great schooling our tests at home, then when it counts in the ring I’m so busy making sure I don’t forget what’s next, that I forget to ride the movement I’m in. It definitely shows in our scores, and I throw away points right and left.


The following weekend is possibly Windridge. I kind of feel like we’ve been there, done that, though. I don’t think they’re going to change their courses (they’ve been the same since I went there in October), so do I really need to spend another $160? Meh. I may go up there the day before to school since that’s significantly cheaper and we can jump all the jumps we want. We’ll see.

Otherwise there’s a jumper show less than an hour from me, where we can go play with the bigger jumps. And I wouldn’t have to get up early to go. So I’m sort of leaning towards that.

Then the next Saturday I’m volunteering at Carolina International, so P will get that day off. Depending on what we did the weekend before, we may go to another jumper show 15 minutes from my barn on Sunday. And the next weekend, the 31st, is the D/CT/HT at Hillcrest. I have the entry credit from when they cancelled it in December and January, so I think I’m going to resubmit my entry for the Novice CT. It will allow us to do a new dressage test and jump a little higher than usual. Well, the jumps will be higher. I’m sure P will still jump the same height he always does. Overachiever that he is and all.

This is 2’9″. Pretty sure he won’t notice 2 extra inches.

Then I really have no other plans. After Carolina International, Trainer B will be back so we’ll see what happens, I suppose. At some point, he will move P up to Novice and I’ll continue on at BN until some of those Novice XC fences look less like Mount Everests. Stadium used to be our biggest weakness, but getting out to ALL the jumper shows last year really helped a ton, so now XC has taken over as the weakest phase. Which makes sense, because I definitely don’t get out there and go schooling enough. Mainly because I really never have anyone to go with. Barnmates and local friends always say they want to go…until you give a solid date/time. Then suddenly their horses aren’t ready for an outing like that. Such is life, I suppose. But XC schooling really needs to be made a priority this year.


So what about everyone else? Any upcoming plans?

14 thoughts on “Next on the Agenda”

  1. I was talking to husband the other day and realized I have no free weekends until after FENCE HT in April!!! And I’m sure something will crop up the weekends leading up to (do I dare say it?) the 3 Day!!! (Eeeeeeee!!!) But most of the weekends are pony filed, actually I think all of them except Easter with family revolve around horses 😂 I’m still keeping you in mind if we ever go XC schooling (you were at Windridge the last time so I didn’t invite you bc I knew you were already busy) And gah I’m sad that I’m out of town the weekend of Windridge bc it’d be a great weekend to go schooling or HT’ing. Boo. Spring is here and things are definitely ramping up!!!


    1. Same here! Pretty much all horse filled weekends, so no complaints here (from me…let’s not ask my family!). Ya, definitely let me know if you go XC schooling, it’s sooo hard to get anyone here to go!


  2. Good luck the next few weekends! Sounds like a great ease into the 2018 season. We are heading to RB for a h/j show this weekend. I’m planning on focusing mostly on stadium this year as we need all the miles we can get, rounds are cheap, and they are close by one day shows. FRC has another schooling CT with jumper rounds to follow on March 24th and May 5th and I hope to make the May 5th one and do the tadpole CT and some jumper rounds at the end. After that who knows…


    1. That’s exactly what I did last year and it really paid off. HJ shows are great also because the courses are easy to remember and the fences are usually decorated much differently than in stadium.


    1. I know, it’ll be nice to be back in regular work with him! And I’m definitely looking forward to playing owner while he rides P in a HT or 2. P always goes really nicely for Trainer B, I’m not sure P will want me back on him!

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  3. ooooh so many fun things on the calendar!! i also have a bunch of entries out, and volunteer / schooling / other stuff planned too. just… ya know… gotta have my horse sound. fingers crossed!!!


  4. I still can’t plan until the weather breaks lol – I currently can’t see my car parked 20 feet from my window due to white-out snow conditions. But uh, maybe soon? In all seriousness though, probably won’t go to an event until late April or early May. C’est la vie!


  5. I like all the plans! And also how great P is doing!! Sorry about Windridge, but sounds like you made the right decision for sure. So weird about the tripping, but yeah, who wants to be that close to the ground time and time again???


    1. Not me! I don’t know if it was the terrain, some soreness, or probably a combo of both because he’s been to Windridge 4 times and never had an issue with terrain there. Ah well, it was still a blast and he really did his best!

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