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3 Day Adventures with Horses Blog Hop: 3 words

This a fun little blog hop started by Three Day Adventures with Horses!

Pilgrim is a walking contradiction so I had to do mine a little differently.

Spooky…yet bombproof

OMG one of the DOZENS of motorbikes that’s been zipping around the showgrounds the last 3 days is here!


There’s a T-Rex flopping around on my back? Cool, cool.

That’s how he’s always been. He’ll walk past enormous tractors, farm animals, furiously barking dogs, deer leaping through the woods and he won’t blink an eye…but in that same ride, he’ll decide a rock with a slightly odd shape is the end of the world.

The above gif was right after we finished XC in November. The course itself was a bit twisty with lots of strange obstacles (for their driving competitions) like enormous frogs and mushrooms scattered around our course. NBD, he was in work mode. So when we crossed the finish line, I let him stretch, had the reins by the buckle and took my left foot out of the stirrup because my ankle was killing me. Aaaannnnd….almost ate dirt for my consideration.

Forward…yet lazy

In our dressage lessons either  Trainer J will be yelling, “MORE, MORE, MORE” or “SLOW, SLOW, SLOW.” We all know the base of the training scale is rhythm and tempo but seriously, that’s the hardest for me because I never know if adding leg will get a leap forward or no reaction. It’s something we’re working on. Always.

I was sweating profusely from trying to keep him in the same tempo

Athletic yet uncoordinated

If you’ve followed along with us for any length of time, it’s obvious P is an athletic animal. Sometimes he doesn’t use his athletic abilities for good ::cough, cough:: sliding stop ::cough cough:: but I can pretty much guarantee that if he takes off in front of a jump he’ll clear it. He rarely knocks down a rail and if he does, that means I made a huge mistake. But the next time round? He won’t knock it down again.

La-de-da, got anything higher?

In the same ride though, he’s apt to get distracted by, well, just about anything, and forget he has 4 feet.

Durrr, which leg comes next, durrrrr


Quad polar though he might be, it’s like having multiple horses, but only having to pay for one. So win?

14 thoughts on “3 Day Adventures with Horses Blog Hop: 3 words”

  1. i think you guys are both meant to be. He is so funny how he can be two extremes 🙂 But that will never ever bore you! Looking forward to seeing more adventures of the spooky, bombproof, lazy, forward, athletic, uncoordinated Pilgrim 🙂 HA


  2. Hahaha, I love this! I totally understand the spooky yet bombproof. Firetruck with sirens? Meh. Yellow flower among a field of purple flowers? PANIC! What even.


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