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Prepare Yourselves. You’re Welcome.

About a month ago, BO tagged me in a Triple Crown contest they posted on FB- 3 months of feed to the winner! So we got to brainstorming.

And what started off as a pretty simple concept soon spiraled into hysterical ridiculousness, full of overnight Amazon shipments, hours of editing (literally HOURS), and dozens of takes due to laughing too hard.

So. Enjoy. Because you will never be able to unsee it. I can no longer walk into a stall without busting out laughing.

The best part? After we were done, and the video was finally finished….TC posts a video with a reminder of the contest. And that video is NOTHING like ours. It’s all serious and science-y. So either we’re DQ’d from the start, or they’ll have an excellent sense of humor.

23 thoughts on “Prepare Yourselves. You’re Welcome.”

  1. You need about a thousand like buttons on this page so i could click them all. LOVE IT! It was great, there was drama there was comedy, there was suspense. TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP YOU GUYS are wasted at your day jobs HA HA HA HA HA HA!! OMG I needed this this am. THANK YOU!


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg that’s the best video ever!!!!!! If you don’t win it’s bc TC has no sense of humor and they want those damn emotional videos with stolen footage (bc seriously, who has videos or slow mo moving horses that have been take with a fancy movie quality camera? Yeah no one who should be wanting free food!) I hope you win or at least get an honorable mention bc that was the best video they could hope for!!!!!!

    And we can say “we knew you when…” bc you might actually become famous after this one 😂


  3. I feel like you’ve GOT to win with this video. No brainer. It’s amazing and appeals to everyone. Screw a bunch of science (says the scientist lmao).


    1. I know, that’s what we get for taking the whole thing with an iPhone. We did a couple retakes because of volume and I ran it through a program to increase it, but I’m not a pro at this by any stretch of the imagination


  4. Oh my god this was absolutely awesome!! I love the person who had on the horse head! She was awesome! Especially looking out of the trailer and dropping that shoe….PRICELESS. And then I’m guessing that was your hubby who was the first “riding” P haha!! And the dinosaur!! OHMG! I was laughing so hard at the office that people got concerned LOL. SO AWESOME!!!


  5. Mate I love this. I love the bit where you do the “I’m watching you eye thing” in the back of the float. It had my workmates in stitches
    Ah how funny . still smiling
    Mel x


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