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Sucking It Up (Or Trying To…)

So this is kind of par for the course for us this time of year. Weather here is so unpredictable (20 degrees on Tuesday, 65 on Wednesday) snow one day, sunny the next, then rain the next five. It’s pretty much impossible to ride consistently since there’s no indoor and the ground alternates between frozen and just plain soggy.

So I pick something small to work on each time I DO get to ride and once we accomplish that, we’re done.

Like the barrel exercise I stole from the Clayton Fredericks clinic.



Then the real test. Would he jump it without the guide poles??


Apparently yes, yes he will. So now my own fear of Pilgrim fearing barrels has been put to rest and I don’t see us really ever having to do this again.

Let’s see….there were a couple days we just worked at the canter. I have trouble alternating between light seat and actually sitting without totally killing P’s momentum, and we both have trouble turning right, so we just did laps around the arena. Super fun.




The next day I set up a corner jump just to see what would happen, as P has never jumped one before.


I’ve resolved to make myself not pick to a distance and if it’s bad, it’s bad. The words of Clayton F. still remain very much floating around my head and I don’t want to go back to giving P a reason to blame me. After the corner experiment, we trotted verticals on a loose-ish rein and he wasn’t happy that I was just a guiding passenger and he had to take some responsibility for his feet. So obviously something we’ll need to work more on.

But most of my very recent time at the barn has not been spent riding. Instead, BO and I have been working on a certain project that I can’t fully share for another few days, but here’s a hint: we’re definitely going to win an Oscar. Or 5.


No competitions for us anytime soon, which is a total bummer, and really a huge factor in how much I ride and what I do. Maybe it’s just a reaction to my own attitude shift, but P seems to go better when we’re out and about more. Not so great if we’re always at home. But Husband has decided that all he wants to do in life is be a cop and starts the law enforcement training next week through….MAY. So a new schedule to get used to, not to mention a temporary tightening of the finances. Trainer J has been going places like Wellington and Aiken lately, so we haven’t seen her in forever, So until things go back to normal….well, we’ll see what happens day by day, I suppose.



15 thoughts on “Sucking It Up (Or Trying To…)”

    1. Ya, he’s talked about it since retiring from the Marines, but instead went to college right after, then tried out a couple jobs when he graduated. Neither were something that he saw himself doing until he retired, so back to the original plan, I guess!


  1. i love all the fun jumps!!! charlie hasn’t jumped individual barrels yet (tho we’ve used them a lot as fill) but i’m eager to try using them like skinnies!!!


    1. Trainer B’s set barrels up as skinnies before, but it’s had standards and a pole on top, and usually is right side up, so I definitely wasn’t sure how he’d react to JUST jumping the barrel. Pleasantly surprised, though!


  2. He looks great!! and can’t wait to see the OSCAR WORTHY PERFORMANCE:) UGH on hubby going into law, very admirable but…I have friends who are cop wives….I dont know how they do it! good for him though!!


    1. I can’t wait to post it….we’re just waiting on the contest ending first. And ya, I’m a little ugh about it, too. BUT it was a compromise because his first choice was private military contracting- back in Iraq/Afghanistan! I put my foot down at that one.

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  3. Love all the jumps! It looks like you guys are doing well though with what you have! Congrats tho on hubby going into law enforcement! I’m sure he’s excited about that. Changes definitely make certain things difficult to get used to until you find a routine, but I’m sure you will soon!


  4. ah lack of motivation can get to me at times. Just keep waiting mate, you’ll be back to your old self soon.
    May i say though, i really wanted to give you a shout out. How supportive are you ! It’s wonderful I think it’s wonderful to read that you have supported your husband so much. I know that he is out there serving the country and now protecting it again and I applaud that massively, but i have to say you sound so supportive and I really wanted to give you a big Mel pat on the back.



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