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Do We Remember How to Jump?

After we killed it our first BN (yes, even though it’s been a month and it’s an entirely new year, I’m STILL bringing that up where ever I can. Here’s a GIF of it. Watch it. Love it. Those are orders.)…let’s relive it for a moment, mmmmkay?


Anyway, after that flipping phenomenal day, riding pretty much died down for the rest of December through the first half of January, thanks to holidays/vacations/cancelled shows/cancelled lessons/frozen arenas. So P got a more extended break than originally anticipated.

But then finally the ground/arenas thawed out, so we had to, ya know, put a saddle on and all that. And it was hard to get back in the swing of things at first, for both of us.

Except when we get to visit his Best Bro, Sandero

So I flatted a sulking P, who couldn’t believe I STILL wanted him to bend to the right, on Monday/Tuesday, then Wednesday I was like, “this sucks, let’s jump.” Problem was, all the jumps were cross-rails. I mean, I didn’t think it was a problem, but P was all, “I’m above this,” and by above, I mean WAY above. Apparently he heard whispers of running Novice and needed to show his disdain for the little jumps. So we jumped around the course a few different ways, then called it a day. He got Thursday off, then I flatted again Friday to prepare him for Trainer B.

I had already informed Trainer B that he’d be riding P on Saturday, because that’s exactly what everyone wants to do after sitting in a car from 9 hours, right? But it helps me when Trainer B rides because he can feel things that he can’t see from the ground, then he gives me tips on how to deal. And Trainer B is a pro, he can handle it.

tenorNo media, because I didn’t wear my helmet/helmet cam (since I was NOT going to ride), and my fingers remained off my phone and in my jacket. Since it was FREEZING.

tenorFirst we got caught up. And then he warmed P up, noting that he was much better laterally and canter adjustability-wise (thanks to me), but that the downward transitions still left something to be desired. P was falling on his forehand and getting heavy, so he wants me to lift my hands in the transitions to keep P on his hind end. Noted. On to jumping.

So Trainer B looks around at all the jumps that are ALL set at 3’+, making up a course. And I say, “Want me to lower anything?” And he goes, “Nah, those are fine.”


I mean…if it’d been ME on P, I wouldn’t be heading for 3′ jumps, but I suppose that’s what separates Trainer B and I. And other stuff, maybe.

Join the 3’6″ club, Trainer B (bahahaha)

But it was great, though P looked a little shell-shocked when they were done. Sorry, buddy. I told you the vacation was over.

Poor P

So the next day, P got back on the trailer and we headed BACK to Trainer B’s, much to P’s chagrin. But this time with BO and her horse Sandero on board as well! BO and S went first and did amazing. And then P and I were the last lesson of the day because B loves P the most (is what he told P, at least), and after warming up we went straight into course work. BO was still untacking S when we started (so of course, missed the the best rounds of the day), but still got over in time to get some good videos.

We were fine…for the most part. Ignore Trainer B skipping. He was just so excited to be out of Florida and with his FAVORITE clients (I couldn’t even TYPE that with a straight face).


Then took it from the top. And only took one long spot! Which, guys? Is an improvement.

And then we went around again…but I messed up the first jump so we had to start over. And then encountered some cross cantering/lead issues, both of which are indicators that P was getting a little tired, which was understandable.

So we ended on that, which was best for P. I was a little disappointed the jumps were so small, but P had done the big stuff the day before so there was no need, especially considering he was just coming back into work. All things considered, it was a great lesson. Perfect? No, but I’m glad because then there’d be nothing to work on. And Trainer B would’ve driven up from Ocala for nothing. Even better, though, the issues we had were so very minor compared to past lessons .Trainer B’s wife commented that he looked like a totally different horse, and I concur.


PC: Danica M
PC: Danica M

And it’s official- when Trainer B gets back for good, he’s going to take P around his first Novice! And then it’ll be my turn….

Still fully expect this to be me in the start box, though.

18 thoughts on “Do We Remember How to Jump?”

  1. ohh THIS is what i was waiting for!! YAY!! Ha on him refusing with Trainer B. And that stop of P with you was so much like he was going then he just stopped. You are right he used to telegraph that shit yards and yards away. He looks great, you look great…..and yay on someone else riding him in Novice first (you will be nervous as hell even not riding I wager) HA! WHOHOOO. I needed this post on such a bleary SNOWFILLEd gross day here in DE. Thank you 🙂 (PS I love how the PC credit is to Trainer B’s wife HA HA HA is that her name?? 🙂


  2. Oh exciting!!!! Novice for the P man with Trainer B!!!! But first all the exciting outings here with you!!!!! (when the weather clears up… damn you pretty snow for messing up riding but also so pretty and fluffy and OMG snowy!!!!!!!)


  3. That really is such an improvement! Good for you, good for P, and good for Trainer B! OMG so exciting that Trainer B will take P around his first Novice! That’s so exciting, and will be such a good starting point for him. I bet you’ll be terrified just standing there watching! I know I’d be haha! Soooooo excited for you that Novice is definitely gonna happen!


  4. He looked so steady in those videos. His canter was consistent and he didn’t seem to rush anywhere. And his expression over fences was completely “Oh this again? Yawn”. Love it! And look at you two go! Not riding much recently and still getting over a course of fences. 🙂


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