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The Jumper Show That Wasn’t

Getting ready for the holidays/impending vacation has meant rides have been less than…motivating. After Tuesday’s dressage lesson, Wednesday I continued to work on those dang downward trot to walk transitions and bending at the canter. Thursday I was all, “Yeah, I’m going to JUMP,” only to get out to the arena and find all the jumps were set at cross-rails. NBD, right? Well, a serious lack of motivation prevented me from dismounting and raising them. And I just didn’t WANT to jump cross-rails. So we stood around and taped BO jumping. And that was that.

Friday we had dinner plans, so when barnmates invited me out on a trail ride Saturday, I was all, “Count me in, I got nothing else going for me right now.”


Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

It was actually a lot of fun, as I’d never been to this place before, even though it’s only 10 minutes from new barn, and we stayed out for 2 hours exploring the various trails. Besides some balking at random crap, P led most of the way and we had a grand time. In addition to real trails, there are a lot of fields you can ride in so hello new place for conditioning.


Sunday I had planned on going to a jumper show that was literally 5 minutes from the barn. It’s part of a local H/J show series and they had rescheduled it for this past weekend after SNOWGATE 2017 (aka the invisible snow because it didn’t really happen). They offered schooling until 8:40 and then the show started with 2′ at 9 AM. I lazed about for awhile before heading to the barn, since I planned on doing 2’6″, 2’9″ and MAYBE (ok, probably for sure) 3′, so finally loaded P up around 9:15 and headed down the road. We pulled in and….crickets. Not a single horse or trailer to be seen. It’s a big H/J lesson barn and there weren’t even any lesson kids there. The secretary’s tent was set up though, so I went over and asked if they had cancelled. Nope, just no one was there. She said one person had pre-registered for 3′ and so I could still go in and they would just raise the fences for me but…nah. The jumps weren’t anything crazy, just white gates and some flowers, so at $15/class, it wasn’t worth it. I felt bad, but headed back to the barn and P got an unscheduled day off.


We’ve got 9 days until we leave for a week and I KNOW I should be doing, well, something, but just can’t really dig down right now and DO IT. Anyone else feel like this?

I may need one

I was hoping to squeeze in another lesson with Trainer J before leaving, but don’t see that happening right now. I’ve got this weird and/or insane right wrist/hand weakness going on right now and am having to fit doctor’s appointments in with work. Plus I have to get my hair done at some point before vacation. That’s definitely a priority.


Meanwhile, I’m still trying to decide on BN or N for the CT. The jumper show (that wasn’t) was supposed to be the deciding factor, but alas, that didn’t happen. I’ve been leaning towards staying at BN, but P jumps 3′ over everything anyway (unless it’s higher than 3’…then he overjumps THAT), so I’m not sure HE actually cares. Husband thinks Novice is the way to go (I think he’s just tired of spectating the super low levels), but my whining point was that we’ve never jumped 3′ in a competition. To which dear Husband used my own pictures against me and said, “He DOES jump that high in competitions, the jumps THEMSELVES just aren’t that high.”

P over 2’9″ a few weeks ago.
3’6″…height definitely isn’t an issue for HIM


I mean, fair point. But I’m still undecided.




Now I’ll leave you with my dirty, yet still adorable, pony P being just adorable.



31 thoughts on “The Jumper Show That Wasn’t”

  1. ugh that’s so odd / annoying about the ghost town jumper show. i wonder what happened…. anyway i hope you enjoy your vacation – sounds like you’ve got a great schedule to look forward to! i tend to be pretty conservative in moving up, so my own call, knowing i would have just come back from so much time off, would be to keep building confidence building at BN. preferring to go in feeling relaxed and walk away feeling like we crushed it, vs stressing out and potentially regretting pushing ahead too fast if it doesn’t go well. then again tho, who knows!


    1. I wasn’t really thinking of it as “moving up” since it’ll be a million years before I even think about jumping Novice XC…P’s always done well in the Novice dressage tests (and I’m so sick of BN), and the height would be no big deal for him. It’s just mentally for ME, not having a warmup type class (like 2’6”) to go in first that’s messing with my head. When I set courses at home, they’re a mix of 2’6”-3’ (on purpose now 😂) and P’s not bothered by height. And still, mental baggage abounds!


  2. Wow that’s really weird about the show! I know at one point one of our local shows was a ghost town because there was a bigger amateur show the same weekend and everyone went to that instead. Personally, I’d be a little conservative moving up as well, but it is of course up to you! It sounds like a great vacation, tho and busy schedule afterwards!


    1. I think here it was because it was 28 degrees out and a little gloomy. I was surprised though, because the 4 barns that are part of this series are all lesson barns and have always gone to all the shows. Oh well. It was only a few minutes away so no harm done really.

      I guess I wasn’t really thinking about it as moving up, since you couldn’t pay me to actually enter a horse trial at Novice. P’s just always gotten better scores in the Novice dressage tests and we’ve jumped around the height before, the only difference is there wouldn’t be any actual warmup type classes (ie, lower) beforehand, which is where the headcase in me comes out.


  3. Firstly I love P!!! A grey is my dream horse just FYI x
    I think your hubby is right, I had a horse who would tower over stuff and he just kept jumping and my little 15.3hh ottb got me all the way to pre novice with little training or tweaking from me. He could jump the moon!

    Just go for it, I always advise to challenge yourself and go up a grade when it is safe to do so. So go to the venue and go smash a goal!

    Mel x


    1. Ooohhh careful what you wish for- my only criteria for buying a horse was NO GREYS, look at how well that turned out 😂

      If it were any other show, I wouldn’t even consider it. But this place is so chill and accommodating it’s tempting!


  4. Odd with the show. Maybe the memo of the reschedule date didn’t get out to everyone? You know P best with regards to which to enter. I’m super conservative and would stick to BN a few more times to solidify that level before moving onward but that’s just me. Either way you’ll have fun.


  5. Just CT with no XC questions? Novice! May as well cut teeth on the stadium dressage novice questions and see how it goes before you start rolling in the full swing of the new competition season!


  6. Ooohhh!!! New trails nearby!!! Always fun!!! And I don’t blame people for not showing up to the show… brrrr!!!!!
    For thinking through your CT… a saying I kinda live by is “school a level above what you’re showing” so if you’re jumping 3’ at home 2’7 is a good level to show at bc if something happens you aren’t at your max comfort zone, ya know? But you know yourself a lot better than I do! I know if it was me and I’d been on vacation I’d for sure go BN, Novice is just around the corner so what’s the rush? Unless Hillcrest’s novice is a BN course with 1 novice size fence, then that’s a different story 🙂


    1. 😂😂😂 So cute…”Novice is just around the corner.” Au contraire 😂 Those Novice tables freak me OUT. If XC were in the picture, it wouldn’t even be a consideration. But Novice SJ? I know he can do it. It’s just me….


  7. oh wait is a ct or a horse trial? if it were a horse trial, i’d say BN. but i think you’d do BN. if it’s a ct, go for the novice! OR depending how they run it, both? I did a ct at BN and did the starter jumping before my BN jumping round and it helped… probably only mentally. runkle was kind of a shit for the starter and functional at the BN.

    i dont know. its horses. just throw a dart into oblivion and hope for a bullseye


    1. Just a CT- dressage and SJ. I won’t even look at a Novice table right now. I wish they offered what you’re talking about- but you can only enter one level CT and you can add on dressage tests but not extra SJ rounds 😏 If I could, I would totally enter a BN jumper round and N CT. It’s just going straight to 2’11” without a warmup round that has me hesitant.


  8. After being out of town for 8 days for Thanksgiving, then strep, then car accident, now leaving tomorrow for Christmas… I’ve ridden a grand total of like 6 times. Motivation = shot. At this point I’m like whatever, coast through the last two weeks of 2017 and start 18 off on a good note. Too much stress in my life to make horses stressful too.


  9. I think you already decided to do novice. lots of media please. thanks very much 🙂 HA (I will bring the popcorn (like someone else said above, me do Novice let alone BN nope but watch you Novice, yes please) HA!


  10. When do you have to make the decision by? Is it after your first lesson with Trainer B?

    Honestly, I’d say push yourself because it’s not with XC jumps and stadium jumps fall down if he hits them so it’s not overly dangerous. He is a very capable horse when jumping and he is so much more consistent now. However, if your gut really isn’t ready, don’t push it. Confidence is so much harder than physical effort. If you need to go slower so that you are confident in how you ride and how P goes, do it.

    So basically, if you just need people to push you, I’m there. If you really aren’t sure, stay at BN.


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